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RiME, Flippy's Tesla and Knack among PlayStation Plus games in February 2018

2018 has not started badly for PlayStation Plus subscribers due to the new ration of video games that were, and still are, available for download in January. Now that the first month of the year is about to say goodbye, it’s time to find out about the new titles that will arrive in February .

Sony has not missed its habit of recent months and will offer two new games for each of its three consoles , as well as another one for PlayStation VR and another to support Spanish talent. We leave you the complete list.

Free games for PS4

The first big surprise of next month is ‘RiME’, the award-winning Tequila Works game and one of the best jewels we had the pleasure of playing last year, as it is surprising that it has arrived so quickly at this paid service having been published in May. If you want to discover what a true adventure is with splendid visuals and a fantastic story without dialogue , you already have something to play in a few days.

The second game chosen for February is ‘Knack’, a third- person action game that was not very well received, although its sequel was frankly better. Even so, it may be a good time to know the beginnings of this saga.

Those who have a PlayStation VR unit will get two games this time, one of them being ‘StarBlood Arena’, which was already available last month, and ‘ Flippy’s Tesla! Let’s invent the Future! ‘. The latter is developed in collaboration with Grupo Mediapro and the audiovisual production company 100 balas and in it we will see how our console is transformed into a laboratory in which we will have to solve puzzles and participate in all kinds of scientific experiments.

  • Knack
  • RiME
  • StarBlood Arena
  • Flippy’s Tesla! Inventemos el Futuro
  • Grand Kingdom

Free games for PS3 and PS Vita

In PlayStation 3 we will have to take out our inner explorer with ‘ Spelunker HD ‘, having to explore caverns in search of treasures and chests that are hidden under the ground throughout more than a hundred levels. The other option is ‘ Mugen Souls Z ‘, an RPG in which the god of the universe, Chou-Chou, and his friends will set out on a new adventure made up of 9999 levels full of obstacles and challenges.

As for PS Vita, we can hang out in space with ‘ Exile’s End ‘, a 2D action and platform game in which a group of mercenaries will travel the galaxy in search of the son of the president of a powerful corporation. And finally, it will be accompanied by ‘ Grand Kingdom ‘ (also for PS4), a role-playing and strategy title that will allow us to select one of the 12 classes that will exist to save our nation from the attack of the others.

  • Spelunker HD (PS3)
  • Mugen Souls Z (PS3)
  • Exiles End (PS Vita)
  • Grand Kingdom (PS Vita)
  • Annual PlayStation Plus subscription comes with a free copy of Far Cry 4
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Batman: The Telltale Series among PlayStation Plus games in January 2018

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