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Shampoos with natural active ingredients for dogs with allergies

Canine allergies produce itchy skin in dogs, who constantly bite, lick and scratch their paws, abdomen and ears in search of relief.

The allergens responsible for these complaints are usually pollen, skin scales, mites, bites, and flea saliva. But also some household, chemical and industrial products, and even certain meats and cereals. It is advisable to consult the vet, who will inform us exhaustively of the allergens that can affect our best friend.

Certain dog shampoos, especially those containing oatmeal, aloe vera, wheat germ and tea tree oil, help calm an itchy dog with irritated skin.

How do we use the shampoo?

In order for the active ingredients in the shampoos to be able to act on the dog’s skin and hair, they must be given sufficient contact time: approximately five minutes. During this short period, the animal’s skin can be massaged to distract it and give it pleasant sensations.

All Menforsan shampoos have a physiological neutral pH adapted to the dog’s skin and can be used frequently. In addition, each type of dog needs a specific shampoo, and the Menforsan range covers all canine needs.

Oatmeal dog shampoos soothe irritated skin, as well as moisturize and eliminate dryness. Oatmeal is very soft and works to eliminate itching. Menforsan offers an oat-based shampoo that also contains vitamins A and E, which promote healthy coat and skin.

Natural ingredients in shampoos (for example, aloe vera) can reduce skin irritation and inflammation. Menforsan shampoo with aloe vera is a product recommended by many veterinarians for dogs with skin problems linked to allergies.

Menforsan shampoo with wheat germ oil reduces allergy symptoms over time. Canine skin easily absorbs this oil that replenishes omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, lost by constant scratching and dryness typical of allergies. In addition, it replenishes essential moisture in a dog with dry skin.

Menforsan tea tree shampoo has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is widely used in nonspecific allergy processes that involve compulsive scratching.

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