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Signs that your dog has body pain

How easy it would be for our dog to tell us clearly that his right leg or ear hurts! How many headaches would it save us and how quick it would be to put an end to your hassle ! But, although the dog, as if it were a baby, cannot tell us in words which area it hurts, it does send us signals about it, beyond, for example, a limp. We tell you what they are so that you can quickly take action on the matter. Take aim!

1. The dog moans and cries

A very clear sign that something is wrong with the dog is that it whines or whines, either constantly or at times, moving without stopping or staying still . It is possible that if we approach the furry, the volume of the vocalizations will increase.

2. He licks himself constantly

Although it can also be a symptom of OCD, excessive licking can indicate that the dog is in pain. By licking, the furry man seeks to calm the pain he feels in addition to cleaning and healing a wound , which can be external or internal. If your pet sucks on its paws and then runs them over its eyes, it is very possible that it will feel pain in them.

3. They change their sleeping habits

Whether the furry suddenly has trouble sleeping (you notice him restless, crying, barking and trying to get your attention) or if he spends more hours than necessary in his bed, these are signs of pain. It is also possible that the animal does not find the position to lie down to rest, lying down and getting back up after a short time or adopting a strange position.

4. No how

As with human beings, a dog that is in pain because it is suffering from a disease will not feel like eating. It can also happen that you do feel like eating but feel pain when moving to the feeder .

5. Your breathing quickens

The dog has not exercised and yet is panting . His breathing has accelerated and is shallower. It is a common sign of discomfort.

6. Reacts when you touch it

To find out if an area of the body hurts your furry dog, you can feel it firmly while very carefully (you can hurt it and you can take a snack as a gift). If when you touch it, for example, on a point on its back, the dog cries, growls or becomes aggressive, it is clear that this is where it feels pain. You can look for wounds in its fur or if you notice that the discomfort is in the legs, see if it is able to support them on the ground or if it limps.

7. Hides and / or gets aggressive

Some dogs that are in pain prefer to isolate themselves from their humans and even become aggressive if they try to get close. If this is the case, do not scold him, act like this because he is afraid that you could hurt him .

8. Tremble

It is common for a dog that has pain in the abdomen , that has gastroenteritis, for example, shakes slightly. It also occurs in older dogs suffering from arthritis or osteoarthritis whose legs tremble and hurt.

It is important to bear in mind that these signals in isolation can mean other things , so it will be necessary to assess whether several appear at the same time. And, when in doubt, the most sensible thing to do is take the pet to the vet .

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