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Snacks to help the dog overcome his fears

The behavior of our dog can be affected by innumerable factors (changes in routine, seasonal changes, the environment in which it is found, environmental factors, encounters with animals or people …). We cannot have total control over how these factors influence our dog. However, we can help you deal with these situations.

Some are deeply afraid of being left alone, others of noise, certain objects or furniture in common use: stairs, elevators, shiny objects … Others may develop phobias that restrict their routine such as fear of other dogs, people or even to the kids.

Many of these fears trigger difficult situations, which more than one of you will have had to face, causing a cumbersome and embarrassing moment that can end up becoming a trauma for both of you. Faced with these complications, it is always advisable to carry a “prize”. A small gift for our dog that allows us a better intervention when facing a complex moment. In addition to the “chuche”, our patience and tenacity are of great importance. It’s about not giving up, building up courage and perseverance, and solving the problem together.

The decisive moment comes before the choice of snack. You could put an infinite number of variables when choosing the right one. If we do not want to be confused, two simple premises must be combined: an intense and striking flavor, and a balanced and natural composition . A food in the form of a snack should not be confused with the food base that our dog should carry. Snacks will provide moments of closeness, friendship, complicity, improvement … but they should not account for more than 10% of your diet . For this reason, they should be formulated based on selected natural ingredients and conjugated in a balanced way.

This is the case with Vitakraft’s Beef Sticks . Juicy sticks with more than 90% meat , extracted from the muscle, with different varieties: beef, game and turkey. Its composition does not include added sugars, or flavorings, or artificial preservatives, or colorings.

It is the ideal snack to finish establishing the bond with your dog. This multinational of German origin has been designing snacks for more than 180 years and reinventing itself in each of its creations, with the aim of always offering the best for all types of pets.

The Vitakraft brand takes care of the elaboration of its products from the choice of the raw material to the obtaining of the final product. Each one of them supposes a balanced design, integrating nutritional quality, ingredients of natural origin, organoleptic quality and an attractive and palatable format. The Beef Stick is a fun and tasty snack, its select composition in meat gives it its characteristic unctuousness. Its stick format is perfect to carry, to dose it in small proportions, and for your dog to have fun chewing.

Vitakraft, the expert brand in snacks for animals, also offers a wide catalog with options adapted to all tastes and needs.

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