Alcohol in pregnancy

Not a drop of alcohol in pregnancy: what the mother drinks reaches the baby

Alcohol is the most widely consumed drug in industrialized countries, and Spain ranks highly among those with the highest consumption. It is estimated that more than a third of women consume alcohol during pregnancy, something often normalized as it is believed that a small amount does not affect the baby.

Zero alcohol in pregnancy: its consumption is associated with late fetal death and irreversible neurological abnormalities

Although during pregnancy the mother can consume practically the same as in her usual diet (with the exception of some foods), something that is known to be avoided completely in pregnancy, and even since she is planning to have a baby, is alcohol.

"Because he drinks what you drink", the campaign that reminds us to avoid alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding

In Babies and More we have talked on several occasions about lifestyle changes that should be made during pregnancy. Although these may vary according to the health characteristics of each woman, there is something that applies to all equally: during pregnancy, not a drop of alcohol.

Not a drop of alcohol in pregnancy: the risk of miscarriage increases each week of consumption, regardless of the amount

It is not the first nor will it be the last time that we repeat the warning that a drop of alcohol is too much during pregnancy.

17 delicious non-alcoholic cocktails to toast on Christmas if you're pregnant

Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't toast on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, or any family celebration. But yes, without a drop of alcohol. Alcohol is harmful to your baby and there is no safe amount you can drink, as it has been shown that even small amounts can affect brain development.

The consumption of alcohol in pregnancy in Spain with its associated risks is higher than what they declare, according to a study

All experts agree that not even a drop of alcohol should be tasted during pregnancy, as it crosses the placental barrier in minutes. What the mother drinks, reaches the baby and can cause various disorders in the fetus, such as mental retardation (the most common genetic cause).


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