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Zero alcohol in pregnancy: its consumption is associated with late fetal death and irreversible neurological abnormalities

Although during pregnancy the mother can consume practically the same as in her usual diet (with the exception of some foods), something that is known to be avoided completely in pregnancy, and even since she is planning to have a baby, is alcohol .

A new study puts this important issue back on the table, since it has been found that it increases the risk of late fetal death almost three times more , coinciding with other investigations that warn about its consumption.

Through a statement on its website, the Spanish Scientific Society for Studies on Alcohol, Alcoholism and other Drug Addiction (Socidrogalcohol) recalls the risks of consuming alcohol during pregnancy, mentioning that it is the leading cause of intellectual disability in the West.

Based on the results of the study that we mentioned at the beginning, Socidrogalcohol also explains that having suffered exposure to alcohol while in the womb can cause Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) , a disease that includes four possible clinical manifestations: Complete Fetal Alcohol Syndrome , Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder, and Alcohol-Related Birth Defects or Fetal Defects.

Alcohol affects the development of the Nervous System during pregnancy and can also damage other organs that are in development, for this reason professionals recommend that consumption during pregnancy and lactation be zero, ” they explain in their statement.

As we know, even the smallest amount of alcohol can affect a baby’s brain development, which can lead to learning difficulties, as well as problems related to basic cognitive skills, behavior and social interactions:

Children with ASD have basic cognitive difficulties (attention, information processing, decision-making, etc.), along with difficulties to interact socially, which makes them easily experience social rejection or be victims of bullying and easily Vulnerable People with TEAF take a long time to learn from their mistakes, which makes them easily commit crimes and end up facing a justice that treats them like adults, but forgets that their mental age does not correspond to their real age. TEAF has an incidence 10 times higher than Down syndrome and slightly higher than Autism Spectrum Disorder, “says Socidrogalcohol in its statement.

Regarding the study mentioned by Socidrogalcohol, which in addition to alcohol consumption also included the effects of smoking during pregnancy, the results showed that drinking and smoking during the first trimester increases the risk of late fetal death almost three times , in comparison with women who do not drink or smoke during pregnancy or who stop smoking before the end of the first trimester.

Despite these studies and the multiple warnings that have been made over the years, Socidrogalcohol shares that it is currently estimated that in Spain six out of ten pregnant women consume some alcohol during pregnancy, so it is important to continue making visible your risks.

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