Recipes with chocolate

Chocolate frappuccino, homemade recipe

Prepare a delicious chocolate frappuccino on the hottest days and enjoy a luxury in your own home. Here are the steps.

Salted toffee and dark chocolate tartlets

To add a special touch to homemade pastries, write down the steps of these salty toffee and dark chocolate tarts. Take note.

Chocolate Caramel Burfi: Indian Layered Sweet Recipe

Do you like recipes with chocolate and are you looking for something really different? Write down the steps in this Indian Chocolate Burfi Recipe.

Jamaica flower and chocolate cake: a novel recipe to sweeten your days

To enjoy a delicious dessert for your afternoon snack, try this Jamaica flower and chocolate cake. Here we leave you the step by step.

Light chocolate soufflé, in vaporera

Desserts don't always have to be dense, caloric, heavy. A good example of this is this light chocolate souffle.

Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe To Make Easy Step By Step

Learn how to prepare a delicious homemade chocolate mousse with our easy step-by-step recipe. Surprise with this dessert with a delicate and delicious texture.

How to melt chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave

When preparing desserts, chocolate can be a basic ingredient that we will need to melt in a water bath or microwave.

Grandma's 5 Best Homemade Chocolate Mousse Recipes

Grandma's homemade chocolate mousse has something special, a clean spoonful of any of these recipes lasts seconds.


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