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Take care and pamper your pet, regardless of the family

The warmth of the home is increased when we share our space with a pet. Whatever species it is, a pet is part of the family or of the nucleus of coexistence and many of our memories will include it in the best and worst moments.

Likewise, our pets can help us overcome all kinds of obstacles .

Many are the cases in which a pet has helped treat perception and social relationship problems in children. The affection of an animal and its care can also contribute to promoting discipline in the case of adolescents with conflictive behaviors.

Similarly, stress, the mental condition with the greatest impact, can be alleviated by a pet .

According to a study carried out in participants with and without pets, the stressful situations to which individuals were subjected received a significantly more positive response in the company of a pet. ( Allen, K. (2002). People may draw more support from furry friends than spouses, human allies. Psychosomatic Medicine ).

Therefore, a pet will always be a good ally , an unconditional companion.

The choice of your pet should encompass endless variables , among which your time availability and space availability would stand out. Your pet can be of any species. To feel accompanied we only need an animal to take care of us and to take care of . For example, if we don’t have the time or space, perhaps a rodent or bird might be a better fit for our routine.

Love for a pet does not have to be proportional to its size . Even a little hamster can make us smile and make us feel better. Vitakraft is characterized by his love for all companion animals. Its philosophy, backed by its dedication and experience, consists in the development of products that provide a full, healthy, comfortable and healthy life for all pets that reside in the homes. They have not wanted to leave anyone.

Vitakraft offers a wide range of food products for cats and dogs. However, it stands out from its competitors in the extension of its catalog, since it has not only thought about these two animals, but also presents products for all pets.

In Spain it is the leading company in “small pets”. Its research and development efforts target a large repertoire of animals. This experienced brand has food, snacks, toys, hygiene items and accessories for all kinds of rodents (hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, squirrels, rats, mice, gerbils …), rabbits, birds (parakeets, canaries, parrots and exotics), small mammals such as ferrets and hedgehogs, turtles or fish.

Its products range from wet and dry food for ferrets or hedgehogs, to vitamin bars for birds and rodents, natural items for our bird to file its nails, harnesses for our rabbit, food for all types of turtles, or hay specifically formulated for any class of rodents and their requirements. Its catalog also includes an endless number of articles designed to facilitate the comfort of your pet.

Whatever pet you have, Vitakraft will be there to help you take care of it .

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