SportTer Stegen is erased from the Eurocup: take the...

Ter Stegen is erased from the Eurocup: take the opportunity to have knee surgery

Barcelona has announced that Ter Stegen will undergo surgery on Thursday May 20 to undergo "a therapeutic procedure on the patellar tendon of the right knee." Taking advantage of the fact that he was going to be Manuel Neuer's substitute at the European Championship, the German goalkeeper will undergo an operation to solve his knee problems and will not be available for Joachim Löw for the appointment this summer. See this publication on Instagram A publication shared by Marc ter Stegen (@ mterstegen1) The goalkeeper himself has been in charge of announcing his decision: «I have decided together with the club's medical team that I will carry out a complementary intervention on my knee. It saddens me to miss the Euro this summer with Germany. For the first time in many years, I will be one more fan at home supporting my country and I hope we win the competition. After the summer holidays, I hope to return to play with the fans as witnesses when we are back in the fields. ”Aware that he was going to be a substitute for Manuel Neuer, Löw's favorite goalkeeper, Ter Stegen takes advantage of the summer to go through the operating room and resolve your patellar tendon problems. A very thoughtful decision by the German goalkeeper, who will be operated on Thursday May 20 in Malmö.

Barça reactivates the Marcos Alonso operation

Marcos Alonso could sign for Barcelona. Information coming from England assure that Barça has reactivated their interest.

Barcelona congratulates Rafa Nadal… 32 hours after he won the Australian Open

The Barcelona Football Club only congratulated Nadal for winning the Australian Open 32 hours after the Spaniard's title in Melbourne.

FC Barcelona: The Eurocopa lends a hand to the club, 2.6 million for its...

The participation of up to 10 Barça players in Euro 2020 will allow the club to receive at least 2.6 million euros.

Official: Hansi Flick passes from Barcelona and will relieve Löw in the German team

Hansi Flick has turned a deaf ear to the offer to be Barcelona coach and has kept his word to become Germany coach. He will relieve Joachim Löw, with whom he already worked as an assistant, and will occupy the position of German coach until 2024. According to 'Bild' he will earn 6.5 million per season.

Ter Stegen: Bayern Munich is willing to put up 100 million to sign the...

Ter Stegen may be Bayern Munich's bombshell signing this summer. The Bavarian club, which has broken negotiations to renew Manuel Neuer, is willing to put up 100 million euros to sign the Barcelona goalkeeper.