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The 55 most original names for your dog

Choosing the name for the new family member is an important step and we cannot do it lightly. He has to “hit” our dog and we (the whole family) have to like him too to contribute to that special bond that we will create with him or her. But how to choose it? Our tastes, the appearance and the character of the dog, along with some simple tips, will give us the keys.

In the first place, it is better to be a short name, with two syllables, although a three-syllable name that sounds direct (like one of the ones we propose) is not a bad idea either. It is not that if you give it a long name it will never listen to you, but dogs recognize better names of two syllables or less. Above all, the most important thing is that it is easy to pronounce , for your comfort and better recognition by the dog when necessary. Also, keeping it an easy name will help you learn it faster.

Second, make sure it is an original and personal name. If you discard typical names like Kira, Rex or Toby, you will avoid confusion in the park or the street and it will be easy for him to recognize that you are calling him. Names inspired by movies, series or books that you like, rock stars or mythological names are always a good and personal option.

Two other aspects to take into account are, as we said, their physical appearance and their character. For example, a name like Thor or Hagrid are perfect for a big man and maybe not so much for a Chihuahua or a Yorkshire, but of course for colors .

If we have adopted a young or adult dog, who already had a name in the shelter and responds to it, it is better to keep it . If you already have to adapt to a new environment and a new family, also changing the name is not a very good idea, although each case is particular.

On the other hand, if we have adopted a puppy, we can wait a few days or a week before deciding on its name. In that time we can observe his character, his manias or his movements, and perhaps we can come up with the perfect name for him.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you like the name and are comfortable with it, and that you feel that it looks good on your dog.

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