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The 6 most famous sandwiches in London

Add some color and flavor to your Instagram account by looking for and snacking on some of London’s most photogenic snacks. From quirky ice cream clouds to weird and wonderful waffles, here are seven of the city’s famous Insta bites.

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Ice Cream Clouds: Milk Train

If you’re patient and have a sweet tooth, head to Milk Train, a popular dessert cafe where signature soft-serve ice cream draws huge crowds. This Covent Garden hotspot produces Taiwanese-inspired ice cream wrapped in fluffy cotton candy clouds. Choose a base flavor (vanilla, matcha, or roasted green tea) and then watch it get covered in cotton candy before adding toppings like Oreos, popcorn, and strawberries. Warning: cones are difficult to hold, especially with your camera phone in your other hand. The cafeteria also serves ice cream and shaved ice.

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Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches: Yolk


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Yolkin brings together two food trends: macarons and ice cream sandwiches. The Covent Garden pop-up sells a colorful range of unusual flavors, including matcha and black sesame, along with candy bar-inspired macarons including Snickers and Skittles. A list of flavors is published every Tuesday and the store is open only on Saturdays and Sundays until the items are sold out (usually mid-afternoon after the doors open at noon). Please note that Yolkin operates as an emerging business and there is currently no fixed address.

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Waffle cones: bubble wrap

In the heart of Chinatown, Bubblewrap has taken Instagram by storm. Social media enthusiasts queue for hours for these giant bubble-shaped egg waffles loaded with ice cream and sweet toppings like Oreo crunch, Nutella, and salted caramel. The oversized treats originate from China where they are a popular Cantonese street snack. Choose from three waffle flavors (plain, cocoa, matcha) and pair them with a Hong Kong-style milk tea.

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Cupcakes: Peggy Porschen

This bubblegum pink shop turns heads in London’s Belgravia neighborhood. The entrance is decorated with a stunning flower arch and a deep pink vintage bicycle and hundreds of people stop for a snap of the door every day. Inside the cakes they are just as impressive. Choose from a colorful selection of cupcakes, layered sponges, and macarons. Grab a cute strawberry champagne cupcake for a selfie outside.

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Poké Bowls de Ahi Poké

Taste the tropics with a colorful Hawaiian-inspired Poké bowl at Ahi Poké in Fitzrovia. Loaded with raw fish, fresh veggies, and rice or quinoa, they’re just as good for your health as they are for your Instagram feed. Get creative and build your own bowl with a base of marinated Ahi tuna, salmon, prawns or mushrooms and a rainbow of plant-based toppings and tasty sauces like sweet ponzu, siracha mayo, and black chili. The small cabana-style beach tent is decorated with ocean blue tiles and surfboards.

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Patty & Bun Burgers

If you want to make your Instagram followers drool, post a picture of a juicy burger from Patty & Bun, purveyors of some of the best steak sandwiches in London. The all-day lines are typical at Patty & Bun stores in London, an impressive feat for a business that started out as a small pop-up burger joint. Order the signature ‘Ari Gold’ that brings together a British beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, ketchup and homemade smoked mayo on a brioche bun. Pair it with a serving of chicken skin salt-dusted fries.

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