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The 8 best Harry Potter tours in London of 2019

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Muggles and wizards come from all over the world to London for business and pleasure: attending West End shows, retiring from Gringott’s, visiting Buckingham Palace, or attending hearings at the Ministry of Magic. Whatever brings you to London, consider including a Harry Potter tour in your plans. You’ll see filming locations from the movies, real-life locations that are mentioned in books, and other locations important to the history of witchcraft and magic.

Some tours even include a visit to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour north of London in Leavesden, Hertfordshire. A Harry Potter tour is a great lens for understanding the geography and history of London, as well as the series that has captured the imagination of the entire world, and there are many options available. Consider these top-tier options.

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Best Walk: Harry Potter Walking Tour in London

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This walking tour takes you on a magical 2.5-hour journey through London under the expert attention of a Potterphile guide who will show you loads of places from the Potterverse as you savor your walk with fun facts about the books, the movies, and the city. itself. The tour begins in Leicester Square and works your way through the true inspiration for Diagon Alley and Leaky Cauldron, over the Millennium Bridge, where Voldemort brutally attacked Muggles in Half-Blood Prince , and a number of locations from the real life that inspired author JK Rowling After a quick tube ride through the city, the tour ends at platform 9 at King’s Cross Station. Please note that you will need a valid Zone 1 travel card to participate in this tour as the entire group will be riding the tube together.

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Best Bus: Harry Potter Film Location Bus Tour of London

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It is not Knight Bus, but the luxury coach that transports you around the city for this bus tour is still quite comfortable. A bus tour allows passengers to see a wide variety of Potter tours throughout London, a city with a famous sprawling footprint, so you really won’t miss out on much here. As you go from place to place, your tour guide will gift you with insider information on the Potter films and give you some insights into JK Rowling’s own history with the city.

You’ll visit a few locations that are too far to reach on walking tours, including 12 Grimmauld Place (actually a house on Claremont Square in Islington), as well as some of the most famous filming locations in central London. The tour ends at Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station, where you will disembark from your coach and have plenty of time to pose with the iconic luggage cart, trapped midway in the brick wall between platforms 9 and 10.

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Best Taxi: Harry Potter London Taxi Tour

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Indulge in the luxury option with this private London Black Taxi tour of Harry Potter-related locations. Your comfortable taxi accommodates up to five people (tour price is per taxi, not per person) and is driven by a driver with extensive knowledge of the city’s complex geography and great enthusiasm for Harry Potter. On the scheduled tour are the real-world Diagon Alley, Leaky Cauldron, Gringott Bank, and Platform 9 ¾, as well as many lesser-known locations in and around.

However, because it is a private tour, you are in full control and can add or skip any other sights you want to see, or take a little extra time if you want, maybe you would like to spend more time. posing at King’s Cross Station, or perhaps Mr. Ollivander spends all day making his wand… whatever your needs, your driver will work with you to make your day unforgettable.

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Best Warner Brothers Studio: Harry Potter Tour of Warner Bros. Studio in London

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Because the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is located a bit out of town, in the northern suburb of Leavesden, it can be a bit difficult to get there. Public transportation is an option, but this convenient tour combines a comfortable, air-conditioned bus ride to the study site and an entrance ticket, making it easy to get around. In the morning, you’ll head to London Victoria Station, where you’ll catch your bus for the hour-long drive to the studio.

There, you will have a full three hours to explore the extensive sets, costumes and accessories that were used in the making of all eight Harry Potter films – from Hagrid’s Cabin to the original Hogwarts Express steam train. You’ll get a glimpse of the green screen technology that allowed the actors to fly on brooms, and a close-up of the animatronics that brought dragons, trolls, and more to life. At the designated time, you will re-board your bus and return to London Victoria Station.

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Best Combo Tour: The Magic of Harry Potter in London

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If you want to see the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, as well as some of the real-life filming locations from the Harry Potter movies, consider this combo tour. In the morning, you will follow your guide on foot through central London, visiting King’s Cross Station and other recognizable landmarks. After a good walk, you can rest in your comfortable, air-conditioned coach for your hour-long drive to Leavesden, home of the Warner Brothers Studio. Admission is included, and you’ll have a full three hours to explore the prop-filled lots where the movies were filmed, before heading back to London. It’s a packed day offering a deep dive into the Potterverse at a great price.

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Best Out of Town: Private Harry Potter Movie Sites From London: Oxford and Lacock

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While many scenes from the Harry Potter movies were shot in London, many were also shot in areas outside of the city. Christchurch College in Oxford, for example, is home to what you will recognize as the Great Hall of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will also find the great Bodleian Library there. In the movies, it’s a stand-in for the Hogwarts Library, and the real thing is crammed with historical manuscripts that are fascinating in their own right. Two hours away, you’ll find the old town of Lacock, home to Lacock Abbey, whose cloister-like corridors became Hogwarts corridors and whose stony chambers became classrooms. Both locations are on the docket for this private day trip that begins and ends right outside your London hotel.

Your driver / guide will light up each stop and explain its importance to the Harry Potter films and British history, and on the journey you can use the vehicle’s Wi-Fi to upload all the great photos you took. Meals are not included in the price, but time for lunch and dinner (and logical stopping points for both) are factored into the day’s itinerary.

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Best Discount: Interactive Harry Potter Walking Tour of London

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London has Harry Potter tours available at all different price points, but don’t discount the low-cost ones, as many of them, and this one in particular, are downright excellent. This tour begins with a classification ceremony in front of the theater where the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is performed. Once you’ve been assigned to your home, you leave, roaming the streets of central London, enjoying trivia games (and earning points for your home!) As you walk from one filming site to another.

You’ll see the actual entrance to the Leaky Cauldron, the original inspiration for Knockturn Alley, the building that became the Ministry of Magic in the movies, and much more. Your two-hour tour will end at Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station, where you will find out which house won the day. This tour involves a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and be sure to bring a camera.

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Best for Kids: Harry Potter Walking Tour for Muggles in London

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“Aren’t all Harry Potter tours for kids?” Well… yes, sure, but this one is specially designed for children and for the most playful adults. Bring your wand or even show yourself in full robes and prepare for a joyful, information-packed, 2.5-hour walk through London alongside your guide, who loves Harry Potter as much as you (or your children). You’ll see the filming locations and the ones that inspired the books, including Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, and the Ministry of Magic. On your travels, your guide will also point out interesting Muggle sights, such as the Golden Hinde (a reproduction of Sir Francis Drake’s famous ship), the old Clink prison, and the glorious St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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