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The Andalusian winemaker or buzzard: curiosities and care – Characteristics of the coat

The Andalusian winemaker or buzzard comes from the area of Jerez, in the province of Cádiz, where, as its name indicates, its task was to hunt the mice that lived in the wine cellars, between the barrels. The breed (although not officially recognized by the International Cynological Federation, but by the Royal Canine Society of Spain) evolved to become the dog it is today: an ideal companion for humans, and especially for children, and a tireless playful .

It seems that its origin is first in the Jack Russell terriers that the English winery owners in Jerez brought with them; in fact, the winemaker looks quite physically like the terrier. Successive crosses with the mouse hunting dogs of the area ended up in the wine cellar that we know today.

It is one of the most common dogs in Spanish homes, as they abound in shelters. They are dogs related to the field and uncontrolled litters are the order of the day in this breed. They are very vital , energetic, and cheerful, and they need a great deal of exercise and company. However, they are not nervous; On the contrary, they are very balanced dogs, they are not aggressive and they are the best friends of children because of their energy.

Although many of them no longer dedicate themselves to that, they still have a great hunting instinct , and they are always with open eyes and raised ears at any abnormal noise or movement. They are very strong and long-lived dogs, and they do not present major health problems, except for a slight tendency to be overweight in some of them.

It is a particular breed, because each dog is different; There are more similar to the Jack Russell, others that have resulted from crosses with Yorkshires or Chihuahuas … Being a field breed, the variety is infinite.

But they do share vitality, energy, and intelligence; They tend to be “smarter than hunger”, and once they see a prey it will be difficult for them to listen to their human. That is why it is important, if we want them to be docile, to educate them well from puppies and make sure we provide them with the necessary amount of play and activity .

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