EntertainmentGamesThe best free-to-play (or almost) online video games

The best free-to-play (or almost) online video games

It seems that human beings have, in their nature, a little voice that drives them to be competitive , to try to outperform others. If it happens in a friendly and healthy environment where a game is just a game, everyone likes a good bite from time to time. Sports could be the clearest example of this behavior, but other environments have emerged in which competition can also arise. Video games are one of them.

Let’s think of video games as a challenge, a test in which a problem will always (always) have to be overcome . It can be the console itself, that artificial intelligence designed to show that it is better than the player or at least make it difficult for them, but it can also happen that the rival is another person with the same interest in winning as you . Many arcade machines allowed two players to share a game to face each other or to cooperate during the game, and that possibility passed to desktop and even portable consoles, which could be connected. But that was a long time ago, things went their way and technology opened the possibility of being able to play not with one or two players, but with hundreds of them from all over the world . We are talking, of course, about the great world of online video games and MMOs ( Massively Multiplayer Online ).

It could be said, saving the distances, that if the Internet was born as a network that intended to connect different American universities so that they could share information, online gambling is one more step within the purpose of the Internet. Players interact, explore, improve and share their experience with others with whom they share hobbies and tastes, thus managing to implement the sensations that a game can bring . Within that duality between cooperation and confrontation that usually exists in online titles, there are genres that stand out for having known how to adapt their characteristics to online game options such as RPGs, shooter and, more recently, battle royale .

Although there are many games that we have left in the pipeline, we wanted to compile a series of titles whose popularity is so great or their experience so satisfactory that they cannot be missing from the curriculum of a full- fledged gamer . This is our selection of free-to-play (at least initially) online favorites.

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