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The best Guinness records of video games

They say that the records are to be broken . Human beings love to test themselves, overcome challenges and verify their ability to do things that at first glance seem complicated or impossible (and if by the way they can do it better than those who tried before, then with more grace) . You do not have to go to the field of sport to find these situations since, currently, one can set records in almost any field. If we take into account that video games have surpassed film and television as the most consumed entertainment medium of all, it is logical to think that in the gamer world there are also records to be won and challenges to face.

It was in 1954 when Sir Hugh Beaver , then CEO of the Guinness Distillery, had the idea of promoting his brand with a product that would resolve the great existential discussions and doubts that arise when one is in the pub. Beaver commissioned the Norris twins and Ross McWhirter to compile fun facts and interesting facts into a book, the Guinness World Records. After more than 13 weeks of research and writing, they produced one of the best-selling manuscripts of all time and created an internationally renowned brand. With 60 years behind it and headquarters in the main cities of the world, Guinness World Records is the most respected entity when it comes to setting new records.

With its Guinness World Records book being one of the best-selling publications year after year, the company decided in 2008 to launch a new title dedicated to the growing video game sector . Since then, the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition has collected the records and fun facts of the gamer world and the most important feats achieved by gamers around the world. Among its records we can find the great innovations that pioneering games of their time brought, the ability of players who practice until completing games in impossible times or who are capable of doing things that would surprise their own developers and the astronomical figures that some titles accumulate.

Whether out of simple curiosity or an authentic and genuine passion to know more about video games and the world that surrounds them , here we leave the most striking of the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2020 .

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