LivingThe best international photos of 2020 of childbirth and...

The best international photos of 2020 of childbirth and postpartum in its purest form

One more year, ‘Birth Becomes Her’ wants to celebrate the unique birth experience through empowering images and a positive and uplifting community.

So we have received the gallery of photographs that have been sent by birth photographers from all over the world. They invite us to enjoy an impressive series of photographs that reflect the most beautiful moments of childbirth and postpartum and encourage us to vote for the favorites. You have until February 15 to decide. It will be difficult because they are all spectacular.

They explain from this international photography contest, that currently the judges are evaluating the winning images among the 400 selected. Here we include some of the most powerful, in our opinion, because it is really difficult to choose. But you can see the entire gallery in the 2020 Image Selection, under ‘Birth Becomes Her’.

1.- The Antwerp Doula

Image by Alexandra Fleischer. Edegen (Belgium)

2.- Life and Lens

Image by Sarah Widnyana. From Sydney (Australia)

3.- Anne Marie Lea birth photography

Image by Anne Marie Lea. Frankfurt (Germany)

4.- Ashley Marston Birth Photography

Image by Ashley Marston. From Vancouver Island (Canada)

5.- J&B Photography

Image by Jessie & Breeanna García. Los Angeles United States)

6.- Love is Photography

Image by Brezi Merryman. Colorado (United States).

7.- Driftwood + Co

Image by Briana Koop. Via | Birth Becomes Her Canada.

8.- Mama Way

Image by Cara McDonald. Eumundi, Sunshine Coast, (Australia).

9.- Dear Mama

Image by Caroline Devulder. Ghent (Belgium).

10.- Azara Images

Image by Cathlene Stubbs. Northern California (United States).

11.- The Birth Year Book

Image by Christina Hodgen. Atlanta (United States).

12.- Chiara Duties

Image by Chiara Doveri. Berlin Germany).

13.- Danica Donnelly

Image by Danica Donnelly. Colorado Springs (United States).

14.- The Birth Keeper

Image by Danielle Saforek. Jefferson City, Missouri (United States).

15.- Labor with Danielle

Image by Danielle Sollars. Dothan, Alabama (United States).

16.- Wild Oak Birth

Image by Danielle Wilstead. South Jordan, Utah (United States).

17.- Birth photography

Image by Danny Merz.
Photos | With the express permission of Birth Becomes Her Hamburg (Germany).

18.- Mama Dee’s Photography

Image by DeAnna Weyhrich. Mead, Colorado (United States).

19.- Noa Photography

Image by Deborah van Bruchem. Rotterdam (Netherlands)

20.- Devynn Walker Photography

Image by Devynn Walker-Avila. Tomball, Texas (United States).

21.- Wildwood Birth Collective

Image by Elizabeth Gritzmacher. Portland (United States).

22.- Elliana Allon

Image by Elliana Allon. Toronto Canada).

23.- E3 Photography Studio

Image by Erika Epley Thiele. Nebraska (United States).

24.- EMF Photography

Image by Erika French. Phoenix (United States).

25.- Erin Stoneman Photography

Image by Erin Stoneman Photography. Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada).

26.- A mother’s love

Image by Faye Strauch. Phoenix (United States)

27.- Kate Carlton Photography

Image by Kate Carlton. Colorado Springs (United States).

Photos | With the express consent of ‘Birth becomes Her’

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