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The best Swedish foods

When we think of Swedish food, we often think of Swedish meatballs. In fact, meatballs are one of the best culinary items available in Sweden, but there are many other delicious foods that originate here. So when you visit here be sure to try some of these delicious Swedish foods or you will definitely miss out.

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Köttbullar (Swedish meatballs)

Dumplings are the national dish of Sweden and are definitely a must-have Swedish food for any tourist. You can find them in practically any restaurant in Sweden and also in food trucks.

Swedish meatballs are made with fresh ingredients, such as ground beef, finely chopped onion, and spices, then dipped in breadcrumbs. There is also a Christmas version of dumplings called julköttbullar. They are traditionally served with cucumbers, potatoes, salsa, and jam.

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Pastel de Sandwich

As the name suggests, smörgåstårta is a cross between a cake and a sandwich. It is freshly baked bread in the shape of a cake filled with vegetables, meats and fish. The “icing” on the cake is usually cream cheese and sour cream and is usually decorated with various vegetables and fruits. It is served cold and cut for dessert. This is a popular dish for family gatherings, parties, and lunches in Sweden.

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Spettekaka (pastel de saliva)

This Swedish food is a unique cake that takes hours to make and is popular in the Scania province. These cakes are made by placing ribbons of dough on a rotisserie. The dough is made primarily of eggs, sugar, and potato starch flour.

There are many layers of batter in each cake, and after each layer the batter must be allowed to dry completely before the next layer can be applied, so this cake can take days to complete.

Once all the layers are dry, the cake is drizzled with ice. The end result can be quite dry due to the long cooking process, which is why cakes are usually wrapped tightly in plastic and only unwrapped immediately before eating. It is commonly served at weddings, christenings, and funerals.

Spettekaka is an official regional specialty and can only be made in Scania (just like champagne it can only come from the Champagne region of France). So to try this unique dessert, you will have to visit a bakery in Scania.

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Cinnamon buns (rollos de canela)

Believe it or not, cinnamon rolls actually originated in Sweden, and the Swedes love them so much that they have a National Kanelbullar Day every October 4th. These delicious cakes, which originated around 1920, can be found in any bakery or cafe in Sweden. and they are generally served with coffee.

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Räkor (Swedish shrimp)

Shrimp in Stockholm are world famous and a must for anyone traveling to Sweden. They are cooked inside the shell, which gives them a crunchy consistency. Räkor, also called caries, tastes different from any other shrimp and is available in most restaurants in Sweden.

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Princesstårta (Princess cake)

This traditional Swedish cake is made from layers of sponge cake and whipped cream. It is covered with green marzipan and usually has an edible pink marzipan rose on top. Almost all bakeries in Sweden will have princess cake. It is also made commercially and available in supermarkets, but, like most other delicacies, it is best obtained from a bakery.

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