AutoThe C5 X arrives, the perfect incarnation of the...

The C5 X arrives, the perfect incarnation of the Citroën philosophy

“With the C5 X, Citroën is equipping itself with an ambitious high-end vehicle, a true tool for conquering customers who are increasingly determined to go out and discover the world. A bold and unprecedented proposal that embodies all of Citroën’s true savoir-faire in matter of innovation and well-being, elevated to the rank of art of living”. This is how Vincent Cobée , CEO of Citroën, defines the arrival of this new banner of the French manufacturer. It renews the category of segment D with an original line that synthesizes those of the sedan and break. It innovates with the world premiere of the Citroën Advanced Comfort active suspension, which further enhances the sensation of traveling on a magic carpet , a sensation intimately linked to the history of Citroën; an authentic invitation to travel in its interior space that offers the recognized comfort of the Advanced Comfort seats and unparalleled roominess, especially in the second row. The boot, with a volume of 545 liters and a careful finish, ideally meets the expectations of customers seduced by breaks.

For his part, Laurence Hansen , Citroën Product and Strategy Director, explained that with the C5 X “we wanted to give a response that was both emotional and rational to customers in Segment D who are looking for modernity, refinement, comfort and versatility. With its unique silhouette, its increased comfort, its plug-in hybrid powertrain and its innovations, the C5 X offers pleasure and serenity in the purest Citroën tradition.” And it is that the latest generation technologies that simplify the use of the car come into play in the passenger compartment, such as the extended Head Up Display, with extended data projection on the windshield, as well as the new communication and entertainment interface that has a 12” HD touch screen, natural voice recognition .

Finally, the firm’s Design Director, Pierre Leclercq , has emphasized that “with its innovative design that combines the elegance of a saloon, the dynamism of a break and the protective aspect of an SUV, the C5 X expresses the audacity of design Citroën. Its unique morphology, its aerodynamic lines and its modern light signature make it a true Citroën, a car that is immediately recognizable on the road.”

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