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The dangers of tying your dog to the door of the supermarket

Proposing to park the dog is not being a pet-friendly business

There are many reasons why people who know well how dogs feel and learn do not recommend using the hooks to leave your dog like a bicycle at the door of the supermarket, the pharmacy or similar.

There have always been people who have left their dogs tied at the door of businesses that do not allow their entry. However, for a few years, this type of business has placed a plate with a hook on the outside designed to tie the animal. Kind of like a dog park.

The risks of this gesture

  • They can steal it from you , and this is not being catastrophic or distrustful, it is a fact that happens, and a crime that I would not like to be a victim of. Although there are some straps with a security lock and even a key, we are talking about a living being. Please never leave your dog unattended out of your sight.
  • Your dog can suffer a physical accident : The leash can loosen or the harness give in to your dog’s refusal, especially if it is a skittish or very impulsive dog. It is impossible to predict the stimuli that may pass right under their noses in your absence. Bicycles, scooters, firecrackers, cars, balls, other dogs… Don’t run the risk of leaving your dog alone.
  • Emotionally it can have a bad time: Losing you from its sight is not pleasant for any dog, but even less so if it has not been trained in this behavior that we call waiting or permanence. The less your dog is going to be worried for the entire duration of your purchase, and the state of stress that he can get into just by not seeing you, can make him pull on the leash and hurt himself, cry or bark fruit. of anguish. Don’t give your dog a hard time.
  • You can put a third party at risk : The state of stress that your dog enters when you disappear from his sight, can even make him bite a third party who approaches with the intention of calming him down. Do not leave your dog alone at the door of any place and save a bad drink to a spontaneous person.
  • Leaving him tied up prevents his freedom of movement : and this is especially dangerous in summer when high temperatures can even put his life at risk. If the sun changes in the time that your dog expects and he cannot move to the shade, you will be condemning him to a heat stroke at least. Do not leave your dog alone and tied up, but less in summer.

The root of the problem

The reality is that, despite the fact that Spain is a pet-loving country, it is also a country with a high rate of abandonment. Many places still restrict the entry of pets despite the fact that the public sector that has animals at home is increasing.

In addition, most people who have animals at home see them as a member of their family and enjoy taking them with them everywhere.

Including the needs of this type of public could become a competitive advantage for companies. But doing it well requires consultation with experts, otherwise it falls into false facelifts such as parking for pets.

individual action

Get organized and leave your dog at home while you go shopping.

Buy in true pet-friendly stores, which are those that really seek a real solution to the need of the person to buy without “abandoning” their dog at the entrance, that is, they allow you access.

Have help during the time that your efforts last without a dog. Like a daycare or canine babysitter.


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