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The Evil Within, LEGO Worlds and Cities: Skylines are the games coming to PlayStation Now in February

The PlayStation Now catalog continues to grow with each passing month and there are already more than 700 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games that can be played by all those who are signed up to this service. In February , three more titles will join all the existing ones that can be played on both PS4 and PC.

If you have never given PS Now a chance or you want to enjoy its benefits for free, you can access it thanks to the fact that Sony has enabled a free seven-day trial period to check how it works, which is valid for newcomers or for those who have already subscribed at some point in the past.

That said, we go with the review of the new additions that have occurred this month.

New PS Now games

  • Cities: Skylines (valued at 39.99 euros)

With the first of this batch you will be able to manage your own city by designing roads, erecting buildings, constructing green areas or anything else. Of course, it will be necessary to try to have enough money to finance these projects and to ensure that citizens feel satisfied with the state of the streets.

  • LEGO Worlds (valued at 29.99 euros)

The perfect LEGO set for everyone to let their imagination run wild. In each of its different open worlds there will be different missions to fulfill, although the grace of the game will be to use the brick blocks to build whatever we want as we unlock new tools that will facilitate the task.

  • The Evil Within (valued at € 29.99)

The first installment in this survival horror saga created by Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks. Detective Sebastián Castellanos will enter a mental sanatorium to investigate a terrible event that has taken place, but in reality this will lead to the worst of his nightmares in a world infested by sinister beings and other creatures that will have to be dealt with while our ammunition is constantly in short supply.

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