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The future of business and sustainability

We are increasingly aware of the damage we are doing with certain actions in the environment. Due to changes in consumer habits, companies are also changing their policies. New generations of consumers are aware of the environmental impact of any product they buy and the phases of the supply chain. The concept of a sustainable company appears , a term that is changing the world .

What is a sustainable company and what is its impact on the environment?

We can define sustainable companies as that type of entity that carries out certain actions to protect its environment. In general, they are focused on minimizing their impact on the environment and reversing its deterioration . It seeks to improve the welfare of society in general.

When we talk about sustainability, two key factors are taken into account :

● The effect of the company on the environment .

● The effect caused by the entity on society .

The care of the environment by a company will be linked to following a sustainable policy or philosophy.

Some companies like Movistar Prosegur Alarmas are already working to be more sustainable. Their sustainability policy is based on the control of emissions , on the use of energies that come from 100% renewable sources , on promoting a circular economy and they are committed to drawing up sustainable mobility plans and the creation of an environment portal. to devise actions for waste management.

What are the benefits of a sustainable company?

A company achieves interesting benefits for adopting a sustainable policy , such as the following:

1. Cost reduction

Initiating actions such as the implementation of recycling or waste reduction processes is a way to make better use of resources . It also means a reduction in the expenses that the company normally has to face.

Most companies opt for digitization as a system to save paper , and thus contribute to reducing the indiscriminate felling of trees that causes so much damage to the environment.

2. Strengthens the company’s brand image

Given that we are increasingly aware of our impact on the world, consumers applaud the way green companies act .

Being a sustainable entity gives a good image to the market. If a customer has to choose between a company that takes care of the environment and another that does not, they will choose the former in all probability.

It is possible that adopting protocols to become a sustainable company represents a significant investment for the entity, but in the medium or long term it will end up paying off.

3. Expand business opportunities

Taking into account the number of sustainable consumers in the market, and that a large increase in them is expected, the company that decides to follow this line will find an important source of potential customers .

Companies must be aware of the reality in which they live at all times and not think that the issue of sustainability is a fad or something fleeting . It is the only reality that can change the world, and it already is.

4. Make the company an important asset to attract investors

The company will not only attract new clients, but also new investors . The investor is in tune with what the client is looking for, so he would prefer sustainable companies that think ahead. The future of companies is in sustainability. Those who are already beginning to work on this factor will be prepared for what is to come.

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