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The importance of deworming the dog in summer

Prevention and deworming are two very important routines in the life of our dogs for two reasons. In the first place, for the maintenance of their health , and secondly, because they are constantly in contact with us and, if there is no adequate prevention, they could infect us with diseases . That is why deworming throughout the year, but more so during the summer seasons, is extremely important.

It must be borne in mind that the risks associated with parasites do not have to do with the discomfort of the bites but rather with the fact that through one of these bites, they could become infected with diseases, some of them serious and even fatal.

Ticks and fleas are the most common . Fleas are very annoying for the pet and they also reproduce very quickly and are difficult to eliminate if an infestation occurs. Ticks fixate on the dog and feed on its blood for several days. In addition, external parasites that can transmit serious diseases, such as sandflies that can transmit leishmaniasis, must also be taken into account .

In the hot months, between May and September, the activity of the parasites increases and therefore also the risk of contagion. The hot and humid areas, such as the coasts of Andalusia and the Levant, are the most dangerous, but a well-treated dog does not have to be infected.

According to what the veterinarian advises us and taking into account the characteristics of our dog, we must establish a preventive treatment, with a periodic deworming plan, a vaccination calendar and the established dates that we must respect to ensure proper prevention and protection of our pet. .

But, of all the antiparasitics out there, how to choose the one that suits us best? The best option is to opt for a product that is complete, that is, that protects our dog from all insects and parasites and also repels them . The pipette is usually the best option and, in particular, the Frontline Tri-Act pipette is a great option because it eliminates fleas and ticks and also repels and kills the mosquito that transmits leishmaniasis. In addition, it is the only product with registration against the tiger mosquito , which offers the most complete protection possible. For this reason, you have five types of Frontline Tri-Act pipettes, adapted to the size of the dog, ranging from a range between 2 and 60 kg .

In addition to carrying out a correct deworming, there are some actions that we can carry out almost daily in these months, such as frequently checking the dog’s hair and skin , which is essential, because if we detect a tick quickly it is easier to eliminate it when he has just established his “abode”. It is also a good idea to pay attention to areas where insects are easier to hide, such as the ears or the pads of the feet . In those corners it is easier for them to go unnoticed in our eyes.

And with all these tips we are ready to enjoy the summer with our pets.

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