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The largest aquarium in the world

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, has announced that the construction of the largest aquarium in the world will be completed in 2022 and will house in its more than 25 million liters of water, more than 68,000 marine animals, including sharks. , schools of fish or sea turtles.

One of the greatest attractions of this impressive aquarium will be a spectacular 20 meter high window through which multiple levels of aquatic scenes will be seen

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi , as the aquarium has been baptized, is already at 64% , which is why both the steel construction work and the near completion of the surrounding enclosure of the marine life park have been completed.

Covering an area of 183,000 square meters on five interior levels , the facility will house the largest and most expansive marine life aquarium in the world. Currently, two of the largest aquariums in the world are the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Whale Shark Exhibit Aquarium in China and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta in the US.

The marine life theme park will also house the new Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue Center. The facility will act as an advanced knowledge center focused on indigenous Gulf and marine life ecosystems. The center will be located next to the aquarium and theme park, and will be the first center dedicated to marine research, rescue, rehabilitation and return in the United Arab Emirates.

“We are honored to partner with Miral to bring SeaWorld’s unforgettable guest experiences and our important mission to Yas Island and the region. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi joins our North American parks in our mission and commitment to the efforts of conservation around the world. We have hundreds of professionals focused on animal care, rescue and rehabilitation, conservation education, habitat protection and species research, and we are excited to see that the Research Center and Yas SeaWorld Rescue further expands SeaWorld’s positive global impact with significant marine life conservation efforts in the region, “explained Marc Swanson, CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

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