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The most common fears in rabbits and how to treat them – It is a wild animal

If you have a rabbit at home, you will know that it is a scary animal that requires a quiet life. This is because the socialization of these animals is relatively recent, so they still maintain part of their wild behavior. However, you can help the furry to overcome their phobias. It will be a slow process and you will need to arm yourself with patience, but it will be worth it. Only then will you get a healthy relationship with him!

The first step will be to analyze the behavior of the animal. Are you scared when another pet is around? Do you yell at him when he does something he shouldn’t? This will give you clues as to what your rabbit likes and doesn’t like. Also, you should consider where you are going wrong and take into account that rabbits do not behave in the same way as dogs or cats. Therefore, it is useless to try to educate him as if he were. Think twice before scolding him! Likewise, you must learn to identify fear. Does your rabbit run away from you? Does it squeak or make sounds when you approach? Does it nibble on its cage or does it hide? If so, there is no doubt that the little one is very scared and needs your help.

Possible causes

In nature, rabbits live in tune with fear. When they notice danger, they quickly run towards their burrows. That is why socialization from a young age is essential , since otherwise they will see you as their enemy or possible predator. If your pet has not received enough pampering during the first six weeks of life, he could become nervous or even aggressive.

On the other hand, being an animal that is used to living in a group , loneliness may cause anxiety. If you spend a lot of time outside, you should consider bringing home a companion for your pet. Remember that if he is not happy, he will never leave that state of nervousness.

How to treat fear of rabbits

To gain the rabbit’s trust, the change must be progressive. It won’t do any good if you pet him if he doesn’t want to, as it will only create more stress and fear. It is better for the rabbit to associate an action or the presence of a person with a positive stimulus, such as a reward. To do this, you can try giving it its favorite food, approaching it slowly and gradually. Surely with love and a lot of patience you will end up being the best of friends! If you want to know more about fear in rabbits, don’t miss the following gallery.

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