EntertainmentGamesThe most legendary games in the Smartphone world

The most legendary games in the Smartphone world

At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, the concept of the mobile phone began to change gradually and in a way that would cause a complete reinterpretation of these devices. With the appearance of smartphones, telephone calls were transferred from their position of main functionality of these devices in the face of the avalanche of new possibilities that they offered. A smartphone was a GPS, a state-of-the-art camera, a navigator, a movie player, and yes, a video game console. And all in the pocket.

This minicomputer that so quickly entered our lives offered with each new generation a more complete and interesting experience and was drawn as a new medium in which developers and video game creators could dump all their projects. The touch screen already offered an interesting novelty and opened a world of possibilities for games that took advantage of the movement of the player’s fingers directly or through controls that would appear on the screen itself and could be adapted to the preferences of each user. If you add to this the powerful processors that give life to mobile devices and high-resolution screens, the result is a medium that has managed to find its place and tone within the vast video game industry.

And although there are many very large development studios that have gotten into the world of smartphones , the real goldmine has been found by indie studios. There are many developers with limited resources (or almost nonexistent) who have been able to offer players their creations and make themselves known, obtaining real successes in some cases . As with tabletop games, the gamer community is increasingly appreciating the care in the realization of the game, the innovative mechanics and the narrative structure and have found in mobile games a wide range of titles that meet these characteristics.

Because they have opened a new front and a new opportunity for so many creatives ; because they are always ready to entertain us when boredom becomes overwhelming and because, although sometimes we are not aware, they accompany us on a daily basis from our pockets, we bring together some of the most legendary smartphone games of the last decade .

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