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The most original and fun names for cats

We already know that naming your pet is something very special. The arrival of a new member of the family is always a sign of joy and, therefore, there is nothing better than choosing a name among all the components of the home. In such an important decision, everyone must agree. Of course, it will have to be a short nickname that serves to identify the furry easily. Avoid names with more than three syllables!

In the case of cats, there is an infinite list of nicknames that ranges from the most classic to the most modern. Thus, you could call your pussycat Zarpitas or Perla , although you could also choose Khaleesi, Fiona or Dulceida. As we always say, the only limit is in the imagination of each person. Dare with a fun and different nickname!

A good idea is to use characters from your favorite movies, books, and series. It’s sure not too hard to find an actress or a leading lady that you are passionate about. Sabrina, Bella or Hannah are just a few examples, although you should reflect on whether those names suit your pet’s personality. Remember that the nickname you choose will last a lifetime, and that it should represent your cat as much as possible.

If none of those nicknames convince you, you can use words that, either because of their beauty or because of their meaning, symbolize something special for you. Have you thought about calling your kitten Magic, Venus or Sand? They are names that are not used often and that sound very good to the ear. Your four-legged best friend will love you calling her by her name!

On the other hand, if your pet is very naughty and loves to spend hours playing, you can also opt for a more sympathetic name such as Chispa, Jaleo or Smurf. Surely there aren’t too many kitties with such a funny name. And it will cause joy just by calling her! Whatever nickname you choose, the essential thing is that the whole family is satisfied and that the cat leads a happy life. If you want to discover more original names, don’t miss the following gallery.

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