EntertainmentMovies & TVThe new Captain America in “Black Phanter: Wakanda Forever”?

The new Captain America in “Black Phanter: Wakanda Forever”?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series has been the generational change that Avengers: Endgame already predicted. Steve Roger passed the shield to Sam Wilson and since then, with everything that happened in the series, we officially have a new Captain America. As a result of the resurgence of the iconic figure, all kinds of rumors have flourished about the conflicts that the character will have to endure in Captain America 4. Knowing Marvel, he will hardly wait that long to show Wilson again as Captain America, having the possibility of introduce it through the adventure of some other fellow Avenger. Anthony Mackie in an interview with Trevor Noah spoke of among other things the striking new superhero costume, “there is no muscle suit under my suit. That is my pride, since… seven films I have been saying: I don’t want a muscle suit under my suit ”, said Mackie, in relation to the real effort of his muscles to prepare the character. Now the actor is at the beginning of a training process to complete his physical condition and make him worthy of the shield that he is going to wear. “Take the four months. I’m at the end of the first month of the process, ”Mackie revealed. That time indicated by the actor has raised a whole series of speculation about what event is going to take place once those 4 months are over. This could lead to the new Captain America movie starting production within a quarter, but there is another major blockbuster that coincides in dates with the preparation of the Avenger and that is none other than Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”I have a visa to go to Wakanda whenever I want” Half jokingly, half seriously, Anthony Mackie revealed when asked if he will appear in the sequel to Black Phanter that he has a passport and “a Wakanda visa” also said “to be vaccinated” and to be able to go to Wakanda “whenever he wants”, asserting his character’s good relations with the fictional African country. Then he seriously wanted to emphasize that he would not want his cameo to be anything, due to the great respect he has for the memory of Chadwick Boseman: “It is strange for now, for the amount of respect and admiration I have for Chad, knowing him for so long. weather”. Another reason why the new Captain America could visit Wakanda is due to the close relationship that his fellow adventurer, The Winter Soldier, has with the region.

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