AutoThe new Cupra León is just around the corner

The new Cupra León is just around the corner

The new Cupra León is coming down. On February 20 , the new family of the most decisive sports compact in recent times will be revealed to the world. This time it will do so without the protection of Seat, the firm that devised it but from which Cupra parted ways last year. That golden bird now flies alone, but it seems its course is set. T he resounding success of the Cupra Ateca has been an emotional boost for this new firm, ready to conquer a more exquisite and sophisticated buyer. Now it is the turn of the most anticipated, which arrives accompanied by its entire range and even competition models. His debut will take place in the Cupra Garage , a specific space that the firm has built in Martorell. In it, the Cupra León 5-door, Sportstourer, Competition and e-Racer will be known for the first time.

The new Cupra León will be the first to incorporate a plug-in hybrid variant, a technology that will not mean a loss of performance. The firm did not want to reveal anything else, except the curious development process of the Cupra León Competition . This model, from which images and even videos have been leaked in which its spectacular roar is heard, has used 3D printing to improve aspects of the body. A design that, without being so extreme, will be transferred to the production model, to become the reference in the hot hatch segment.

Do not be alarmed, the road model will not mount 3D parts. This technology has been used to speed up the development of competition units. As it is an easier and cheaper material to manufacture, it is possible to carry out tests and improve aspects that are then taken to final production. This process has been implemented thanks to the collaboration of HP and its Multi Jet Fusion technology. We reveal all the doubts you may have.

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