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The risks of spring for dogs. Keep an eye out!

The arrival of spring brings joy to both people and pets. It means, among other things, that we spend much more time outdoors and that we enjoy long walks in the countryside or in the mountains with the company of our four-legged friends. However, also in this seasonal period there is a rebound in diseases, such as those caused by insect bites, seasonal allergies or external parasites.

To enjoy the good weather responsibly, it is essential that you follow a series of instructions to prevent your pet from suffering from illnesses. As always, the most important thing is your health. Therefore, remember that your dog must always walk on a leash and, if required, also with a muzzle in public places.

If you walk through an area of pine trees, you will have to be especially careful with the processionary caterpillars. As we have already warned on previous occasions, these worms are very stinging and can be found both in residential gardens and in urban parks. In addition, if a dog sniffs, bites or swallows this caterpillar, it could suffer inflammation in the affected tissues and even die. Keep an eye on your dog and be very careful when he approaches trees and bushes!

Dog deworming

Although deworming should be carried out throughout the year, tick, flea and mosquito bites increase in spring. Therefore, as pointed out by the different veterinary colleges in Spain, the most important thing is to work on prevention. At this time it is essential that you protect your dog from possible insect bites as well as infectious and parasitic diseases.

On the other hand, fleas and ticks not only cause pets discomfort and itch, but they are also transmitters of very dangerous diseases. For this reason, your furry could suffer allergic dermatitis or anemia , among other ailments. Furthermore, ticks can also infect humans as they carry blood parasites.

It is also important to remember that insects can spread leishmaniasis and heartworms to your dog , among other very dangerous diseases. Again, we insist on the importance of deworming pets and preventing any infection. In the market you can find pipettes, shampoos and necklaces among a wide variety of products. Follow the instructions of your veterinarian and choose the one that best suits your pet. Likewise, there are vaccines that protect animals from certain parasites. Protect your pet and stay calm!

Finally, you should think about the general care that your dog should never miss: a balanced and quality diet, routine visits to the specialist, daily physical exercise as well as proper hygiene. Enjoy spring in the best company! But always with responsibility and thinking about the welfare of your pet.

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