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The Sims turns 20 in good shape

It seems incredible, but it has been two decades since one of the best known video games, The Sims , was published for the first time. This ‘life simulator’, which has become known for putting its characters a ruby on their heads, was created by Will Wright and the Maxis studio for Electronic Arts , released in late January 2000, and continues to win over fans. .

The Sims, actually, is what we know as a kind of ‘spin off’, since the first video game was born from another called SimCity. This other title was also a simulation, however, here the key was in the creation of cities and their management. Wright had the idea of giving prominence to the inhabitants of those cities and how they related to their homes.

The Sims 4, add on and on

The latest game released by the franchise, The Sims 4, has been around for more than five years and has just surpassed 20 million unique players worldwide. It’s a testament to The Sims’ good form, as the title was originally released in September 2014.

The last major expansion pack released has been Discover University, which is focused on university life and was released in November. For its part, the latest accessory pack that has been launched was published last January and is called Tiny Living. As its name suggests, it is dedicated to tiny houses or mini houses and challenges Sims to create their rooms using the minimum space available.

Unfortunately for fans, Electronic Arts does not plan to launch any new games to celebrate this important date during this first quarter of 2020.

There is no bad fifth

However, the company does hope to release The Sims 5 at some point. At a recent investor conference, CEO Andrew Wilson responded to a question from the community about whether they ever planned to release a version of The Sims focused on the online field.

Wilson dropped that this new title could incorporate “social interactions and competition” , something that until now has not been included in the games or expansion packs of the franchise. “As Maxis continues to think about The Sims for a new generation, across platforms in a cloud-enabled world, you should imagine that we will always stay true to our motivations of inspiration, escape, creation and self-improvement,” commented the ‘ big shot’.

“We are excited. This is a game that really has no competition in its category to offer and fulfill those motivations for the players and we believe that it is a great growth opportunity for us during the many, many years that are to come ”, added the manager regarding The Sims 5.

Today, The Sims is a fundamental leg for the video game company EA, which also has successful titles such as FIFA, Madden or the popular battle royale genre game Apex Legends.

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