SportThey announce the sanction for Daniil Medvedev after his...

They announce the sanction for Daniil Medvedev after his insults to the chair judge

After the controversial reaction of Daniil Medvedev charging against the chair umpire who was in charge of directing the semifinal of the Australian Open that the Russian was playing against Tsitsipas , the sanction that has fallen is already known. In total, Medvedev will have to pay an 11,000 euro penalty due to the ways in which he spoke to the referee.

"Are you crazy? Can his father speak at each point?! You're stupid? Answer my question! Can you answer me? My God, you are very bad. How can you be so bad in a Grand Slam semifinal? Look at me, I'm talking to you." That's how direct Daniil Medvedev was when addressing chair umpire Jaume Campistol after losing the second set to Tsitsipas.

The anger of the Russian, who will play the final of the Australian Open this Sunday against Rafa Nadal, was caused by the advice that the father and coach of the Greek tennis player was giving him during each point. Medvedev did not understand why the Spanish chair umpire did not sanction or warn the opponent, so he exploded with the harsh words quoted above.

Now the sanction for Daniil Medvedev is known, who will have to pay 11,000 euros. Some 3,500 have fallen for his unsportsmanlike conduct, while the remaining money corresponds to his obscene vocabulary. In addition, Tsitsipas has also been sanctioned with just under 5,000 euros for what the Russian denounced: for receiving instructions from his coach during the match.

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