FunNature & AnimalThey discover a new primate in the Amazon

They discover a new primate in the Amazon

zogui A new species of primate , with a unique vocalization that it uses to mark its territory, has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest of Caquetá, in Colombia. Its name is zogui zogui ( Callicebus caquetensis ) , it has the size of a cat, grayish-brown fur and a reddish beard. Their finding, published in the journal Primate Conservation , has been made by Thomas Defler, Marta Bueno and Javier García.

As biologists have found out, it is an omnivorous species, which feeds on small fruits and invertebrates, including some spiders. Furthermore, the zogui zogui monkeys of Caquetá are monogamous , since they "establish lifelong relationships and couples can often be seen sitting on a branch with their tails intertwined." They have one calf per year, and when it is born the parents usually force the oldest of the children to leave the group, in order to focus all their attention on the newborn.

Experts estimate that only 250 specimens of this small primate remain, which is why the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) considers it critically endangered.

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