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They manage to cure the infection of a dog with fish skin

Science advances by leaps and bounds, and that is why it is becoming easier and easier to improve the lives of our pets. A team of veterinarians from the UK has used the skin of a fish (tilapia) for the first time to naturally bandage a dog’s infected wound. This pioneering technique has helped heal and regenerate the animal’s skin. Quite an achievement for science and pets!

The furry guy they have treated is called Gigha and he was admitted to the Skeldale clinic in North Yorkshire due to a cut on his skin. This cut was later infected with the Escherichia coli bacteria (better known as E. Coli ) and became resistant to antibiotics, causing the animal to lose most of its skin in the injured area. Additionally, the dog was at risk for disseminated intravascular coagulation, a disorder that can cause organ damage.

Although the vets tried everything, it was impossible to stop the infection. Gigha could not have a skin graft as there was not enough donated amount to cover the wound on her body, so the specialists raised the possibility of using a newer technique. Fortunately, everything went well thanks to the team’s effort and the advancement of science.

For his part, the person in charge of the intervention, Guy Killick, affirms in an article published in Animal’s Health that “surgery with skin grafts from tilapia fish was a pioneer in the United Kingdom after being performed on a horse with acid burns, but never before it had been carried out on a dog or to treat a wound ”. Likewise, Killick highlights the analgesic and antiseptic effect that these grafts have naturally.

The first graft was left in place for two weeks, and with this the wound healing process was completed. Afterwards, a second implant was necessary for another two weeks with which the wound was closed almost halfway. Finally, the team of veterinarians bandaged the dog’s wound so that it would heal naturally.

These grafts could help treat large wounds that cannot heal, as explained by the person responsible for the intervention. For this reason, new avenues of research and new methods are opened that can be used by other veterinary professionals. Without a doubt, a good example of scientific advancement and love for animals.

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