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Things you do wrong with your cat and you may not be aware – yell at him

Having a cat (or any other pet) at home is a great responsibility that forces us to always ensure their well-being. After complying with the basic care regarding food, vaccination, visits to the clinic, care and space, there are some points that we should take into account. We are referring to certain behaviors that are not very appropriate for the health of the feline and that we may not be aware of its dangerousness.

Do you know that if you smoke in front of your pet, the smoke will also affect their lungs? In addition, if the companion animal is a cat, the risk increases since by continuously licking itself, it will drag with its tongue the possible toxic particles that may have been deposited on its fur.

In the field of food, gestures such as giving raw food, sweets and even chocolate can have dire consequences . Raw food has bacteria that can cause serious problems in the cat’s body, sugar, as you can imagine, is not recommended and chocolate contains theobromine, a toxic substance for felines.

As for education, you do the animal a disservice by playing with it with a laser pointer . The reason is so simple and obvious that you will never be able to catch the light with your claws and will eventually become frustrated. Nor is it advisable to accustom him from a young age to entertaining himself with your hands or your feet. When he grows up he will continue to think that these parts of your body are his toy and his claws sinking into your skin will no longer make you so funny. Believe us when we tell you that once a cat has learned to play with its human’s hands or feet, it is very difficult (if not impossible) for it to become unaccustomed. Always, always play with him with toys , that’s what they are for.

Would you like to know what other things you can be doing wrong with your pussycat? Do not miss the selection of harmful behaviors for him that we have prepared below and start changing the ones that you are unwittingly carrying out. It’s for your physical and mental health!

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