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This lovely lady has been playing Wii Fit every day for ten years

Time hardly affects most Nintendo games, and the Big N knows it. Not too long ago we saw how New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe returned without losing a bit of freshness, and we continue dreaming of the return of a Wii Sports for Switch.

The key? A timeless experience designed for everyone , and the proof of this is found in the success of Wii Fit, whose true achievement is not in its thunderous sales, but in that its healthy proposition continues to fascinate not so common players.

Nintendo’s balance proposal can claim to be the best-selling console exclusive since 1995, but Super Rare Games boss George Perkins shows us another more interesting achievement: having made his grandmother enjoy his proposal for 3,949 days. More than ten years!

But the best thing is that it is not the only one who has its Balance Board at hand. As a result of this tweet, more and more people share their following with Wii Fit through social networks.

In some cases these are small great achievements such as 60 weeks (a little over a year)

In others, the dedication is practically similar to that of George Perkins’ grandmother. The 79-year-old grandfather of Reddit user AmbivalenceForNow has accumulated no less than 3,186 days.

And although many of us have not touched the Wii Balance Board in ten years, it does not seem to be specific cases.

Wii Fit went on sale in Europe in spring 2008 and ended up becoming one of the star gifts, at a time when Nintendo decided to expand its range of players. And it is clear that he did it successfully.

For its part, La Gran N continues to experiment with new ways of playing and integrating players of all ages. His last big proposal has been Nintendo Labo, and we are sure that – as long as the brilliant Miyamoto is still at Nintendo – it will be his last.

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