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This War of Mine: Complete Edition – When War Has No Heroes

When the words end and the gunshots begin , the sounds become diluted and confused. The roar of tanks, the roar of explosions and falling bombs, the rumble of machine guns, the cry of a mother or (worst of all) the simple and devastating silence that reigns in cities . Curiously, what is least heard in a conflict is the voice of civilians; that bulk of the population that neither organized the war nor is fighting it, but is suffering from it . ‘ This War of Mine ‘ aims, precisely, to fill that silence and give a voice to the victims of any war.

Originally released in 2014 for computers and later in its mobile version, ‘ This War of Mine ‘ was a daring gamble by the Polish studio 11 bit studios . Its creators decided to develop a video game about war that was anti-war , in which there was no glorification of violence in the conflict or militarism, there was no good side and one bad side, and in which there were more options besides the ones. bullets to solve a problem.

The study itself affirms that it is not a game based on a single genre (action, survival, rpg, platforms, shooter, etc.) but that it is a game that deals with a theme: the situation of civilians during a war . Based on this premise, different situations and tools are offered with which to face them to endure until the end of the conflict. Naturally, it is a game that has elements of crafting (use of resources to build consumer objects) and survival, since we will put ourselves in the shoes of a group of civilians who must manage as best they can ; but we will also find puzzles, simulation game features and we can even arm ourselves and use force if we consider it necessary. The player will have to learn to manage their resources, be aware of the health and emotional state of their group and find the best strategy to reach the ceasefire alive.

With simple mechanics and a world between 2D and 3D, ‘ This War of Mine ‘ presents an active and entertaining gameplay at the same time that it is quite simple. The game does not have a tutorial because the creators thought that, in a war, you suddenly run into problems and have little time to prepare; so the player will learn the mechanics of the game while their own characters do . The new Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch maintains comfortable and intuitive controls and allows you to enjoy it both in its desktop and portable versions.

Visually, it is simply devastating . The use of dark tones with small strokes of color, the destroyed scenes between which the player will move and the atmosphere created by the environment and the music create a completely immersive experience that facilitates the involvement of the player in the history of the characters.

Between entertainment and catharsis

Beyond the many hours that the video game offers and that keeps the player glued to the screen, this project highlights everything behind it. Pawel Miechowski and Tomasz Tomaszewski , screenwriter and developer respectively, did together with their team an in-depth work of historical documentation and compilation of statements and experiences of authentic survivors of different European conflicts in order to give it the authenticity and stark realism that a game like this deserves.

Although it is based on the siege of Sarajevo , a siege that lasted more than 1,000 days in the context of the Bosnian War, the creators decided not to place the game in any specific country or city to avoid politicization and give it a certain universality by which the situations lived can be identified with those that occurred in any war. It does not matter if the war takes place in some remote part of the planet or at the doors of the house because civilians always end up being victims.

Undoubtedly, one of the elements that gives the game the most personality is the involvement of your team in the project . Not only did they do a great job of gathering information and interviewing survivors of WWII, Soviet conflicts and the site itself in Sarajevo; they also decided to become part of the game. The civilians we handle are the team members and their family or friends, who were scanned and introduced into the game itself as characters with their own unique abilities and stories. Another example of this implication is that a joint project with illustrations was carried out, the benefits of which were destined to the NGO War Child . The Complete Edition includes all published DLCs and some of them delve into the situation of children during conflicts .

This War of Mine ‘ is not a game for everyone. It moves away from the classic genres and breaks any typical role that the characters may have to throw the player into a hostile and unknown world in which they will find little help. The war journalist Pilar Bernal , who has witnessed conflicts such as those in Kuwait or Iraq , recognizes the fidelity of the game to the situations that you find yourself there and the importance of making known that point of view that is often left forgotten .

The game is so raw that it connects and affects the player at levels that many will not be used to . ‘ This War of Mine ‘ is not a game for everyone, but it is a game that everyone should try .

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