NewsThousands are fleeing wildfires in Colorado, USA

Thousands are fleeing wildfires in Colorado, USA

A forest fire rages in Colorado. 30,000 people are said to have left their homes in the US state.

Denver – In the US state of Colorado, forest fires have necessitated the evacuation of thousands of people. In the towns of Louisville and Superior, around 30,000 residents were asked to get to safety, said the sheriff's office of the Boulder district on Thursday (local time).

Small fires would have spread quickly due to extremely strong winds, said Sheriff Joe Pelle, according to media reports. It is feared that several hundred houses and other buildings have been destroyed. At least six people are said to have been injured.

Colorado forest fires: power lines cause it

The fires, which are unusual for the winter in the USA, may have been triggered by falling power lines and the drought in the region, it said. Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared the district north of the regional capital Denver a state of emergency. (dpa)

USA: Hostages freed after storming the synagogue – perpetrators wanted to free terrorist suspects

In the US city of Colleyville, the police stormed a synagogue and freed the hostages. A hostage-taker had wanted to free an imprisoned Pakistani woman.

Undersea volcano triggers tidal waves in Pacific region

The nearby island kingdom of Tonga seems to be particularly affected by the tidal waves triggered by the eruption of an undersea volcano. Buildings are destroyed, communication is severely disrupted.

Hostage-taking in a synagogue in the US state of Texas

During a service at a synagogue in Texas, a man takes several hostages. For hours, the situation was completely unclear. Then a man is released unharmed. What is behind the fact?

USA: Man takes hostages in synagogue – bomb threat for unknown locations

In the US city of Colleyville, a kidnapper is holding several people captive in a synagogue. The police clear the area.

Volcano eruption: Pacific tsunami warnings

Ash rained down and properties were inundated by tidal waves. In addition to the island kingdom of Toga, there were also tsunami warnings for Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand.