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Top 9 Stockholm Tours of 2019

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Beautiful Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden and one of the most charming capitals in Europe. With historic architecture, a vibrant arts scene, delicious culinary offerings of all kinds, and friendly people, Stockholm is a must-see for urban travelers from around the world. However, as with any large city, getting a ground plan can be a bit tricky, and digging deeper than typical tourist offerings is even trickier. A high-quality tour can solve both of these problems, giving you a guided overview of the geography of a neighborhood or the city as a whole, and also giving you a local window of the best things to see, hear, and eat during your stay. holidays.

Stockholm offers many different tours, with different transport options, themes, and even target audiences. Take a look at these, the best that Viator has to offer – chances are one (or more!) Will suit your taste and greatly enhance your visit to Stockholm.

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Best Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour: Stockholm Hop on Hop Off Bus and Boat Combination

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Hop-on, hop-off bus tours are generally an ideal option if you are trying to get a broad idea of the tourist attractions available in a city, and this is a shining example of their convenience. With 21 different bus stops and seven different boat stops, you can see all of Stockholm’s top attractions, from the Royal Palace to the ABBA Museum, at your own pace, taking the time you need at each one and skipping the ones you don’t. you are completely interested.

The bus and boat are equipped with audio commentary in 10 languages, so you can learn about what you are seeing as you make your way from stop to stop, or just relax and do a full loop while listening. The bus and boat also offer Wi-Fi, so you can upload all your fresh selfies from each stop as you travel to the next. The ticket is valid for 24 hours (there is a 72 hour update available) and the vehicles run daily from 10 am to 6 pm

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Best Walking Tour: Stockholm City Walking Tour Including Vasa Museum

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The best way to see Stockholm’s Old Town, with its cobbled streets that were designed for horses, not cars, is on foot. This tour pairs you with an expert local guide who will show you around your beloved hometown and give you thoughtful insight into its history and culture.

The tour begins at Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm, where you will meet your guide and depart. You will visit the Storkyrkan (Coronation Church) and see its famous statue of Saint George slaying the dragon, the Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace), which is still home to the Swedish royal family, and other sights of Gamla Stan ( Old City).

After exploring this area with your guide, you will take a fast ferry to the small island of Djurgården, home to the Vasa Museum, one of the largest maritime museums in the world. Your guide will introduce you to the warship from around 1628 that sank on its maiden voyage and was lifted out of the waters just outside Stockholm Harbor in the early 1960s, largely intact. After your half-hour guided tour, you will bid your guide farewell and you can either return to your hotel or continue exploring this fascinating interpretive museum, which explores Swedish history through the lens of this remarkable rescue.

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Best Bike Tour: Stockholm Bike Tour

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Stockholm, like most of northern Europe, is very bike-friendly, with thousands of Stockholmers commuting daily by bike on dedicated lanes and roads that run through the city. This tour takes advantage of the fact that bikes can cover much of the territory quickly, but allows for the kind of deep exploration that cannot be done from most of a vehicle, especially in older parts of the city.

You don’t have to be a serious rider to do the tour, but it covers about nine miles (almost completely flat) over the course of three hours, so you should be comfortable with that level of effort. You will start your tour at a bike shop in central Stockholm, where you will be equipped with a bicycle and a helmet. From there, your guide will take you to Gamla Stan (Old Town) to see some of the most amazing historical monuments in the city, including the Royal Palace and the Swedish Parliament.

From there, you’ll tour historic residential neighborhoods, cruising the waterfront paths of the city’s many islands, and past major tourist attractions, gaining a deep sense of the city, top to bottom. It’s a particularly great way to orient yourself to the geography of the city, so do it early in your trip if you can.

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Best Cruise: Stockholm Bridges Cruise

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It wouldn’t be a proper trip to the ‘Venice of the North’ if you don’t get on the water at least once, and this convenient (and surprisingly affordable) sightseeing tour gives you the chance to really get inside and ride the many waterways that run through this city. archipelago.

Board your sightseeing boat in Strömkajen and find a seat on the open deck or in the windowed cabin. You will be provided with an audio headset that will introduce you to 15 of Stockholm’s most picturesque bridges as you pass under them, all the neighborhoods you pass through, and even give you a taste of the complicated and genuine locking system that allows ships to pass. between Lake Mälaren to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east.

Definitely bring your camera, as the views of the city from the water, Gamla Stan in particular, are exquisite.

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Best kayak tour: central Stockholm kayak tour

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Swedes are famous for their love of the outdoors and enjoy getting as close to nature as possible as often as possible. Follow their lead and enjoy this kayak tour through the heart of the city, from which you’ll get all the great views of the Old Town coastline as you propel yourself through these ancient waterways with your own arms.

You don’t have to be an expert kayaker – the calm waters of Stockholm’s sheltered bays and waterways are great for helping beginners get their sea legs and learn to maneuver these little boats. You will meet your guide on the edge of a bay near the city center and they will equip you with a life jacket and kayak, and you will attend both a short safety briefing on land and a training session on the water, and then you will go!

You’ll paddle past Stadhuset (City Hall), Gamla Stan, the artsy Södermalm, and more, and get a beautiful view of the city and a great basic workout.

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Best Food Tour: Stockholm Food Tour

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Although Copenhagen is the city most frequently associated with New Nordic Cuisine, the clean, micro-local flair that has swept the culinary world for the past decade, deep culinary traditions and modern innovations from Sweden are part of the trend. This four-hour walking tour dives deep into the country’s culinary history and modern movements, with plenty of walking between stops to keep you hungry.

Your food-loving guide will meet you at Õstermalms Saluhall, Stockholm’s oldest food market, where you’ll get a tour of the building’s architecture and some of its most delicious stall offerings, including modern Swedish meatballs, a healthy contemporary take and delicious. the classic. From there, you’ll stroll through Stureplan on your way to Kungsgatan, where you’ll eat delicious fresh seafood while sipping white wine. Among several other stops, you’ll also visit Chokoladfabriken for cardamom-infused hot chocolate and Fagel & Vilt for smoked reindeer and elk salami.

Your last stop will be for a traditional Swedish fika (snack) of strong coffee and kanelbullar, a fluffy and buttery cinnamon roll. This tour is great for the start of your journey as you will get a million ideas of what and where to eat. And you really do get a tremendous understanding of a culture by learning about its food and eating habits, so you’ll get a lot more than just a full belly.

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Best Ghost Tour: The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk and Historical Tour

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Any city founded in the 1200s is sure to be filled with spooky stories, both ancient and modern, and Stockholm is certainly no exception. This spooky (and pleasantly campy) tour takes you on a lantern-lit night walk through the ancient streets of Gamla Stan, where you’ll hear about spirits, vampires, murder, public executions, unsolved mysteries, and other swarming tales. . .

Your guide will also illuminate much of the real history of this oldest corner of the city, although the tour does not focus so much on traditional tourist stops, but instead takes you through alleys and lesser-known cobbled streets. The tour is in English, and due to its somewhat horrible content, it is not recommended for children under the age of eight or those with the weak of heart.

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Best Alternative Tour: Private Tour – Stockholm Bohemian Walking Tour

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If you’re looking to get off the beaten track and see some areas of the city that are less traveled by visitors, consider this quirky walking tour of the bohemian areas of Stockholm, one of the most artistically vibrant cities in the world. You will meet your private guide in front of the City Museum in Ryssgården and travel with them by ferry to the modern island of Södermalm. There, you’ll explore trendy boutiques, quirky galleries, cozy cafes, and some of Södra Teatern’s fabulous and edgy beer bars.

You’ll see Lisbeth Salander’s fictional home from Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo et al) and the site of some very real public executions. You will also visit the beautiful Katarina Kyrka and her cemetery, where many famous Swedes are buried. You will climb to the Fjällgatan lookout for the best views of Stockholm and finally descend into the elegant SoFo district (south of Folkungatan), where your tour will conclude and you can continue exploring on your own.

Because this is a private tour, there is a lot of flexibility built in, so don’t be afraid to explain what kinds of things you particularly enjoy, be it clothing boutiques or craft beer, and your guide is sure to include a lot in your travels. .

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Best Shore Excursion: Stockholm Highlights Tour

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If you are coming to Stockholm on a cruise ship and want to see as much as you can while in port, consider this fabulous sightseeing tour, which includes an impressive amount of the city’s highlights in just five hours, and even manages to give you a little free time to explore on your own.

The tour begins with a transfer from the cruise port (all three docking areas are serviced), where you will board a comfortable coach for a scenic drive through central Stockholm. You will disembark for a guided tour of the incredible Vasa Museum, with its preserved old warship, and then return by bus for more sightseeing.

You’ll see the Royal Palace, the Royal Opera House, the Parliament Building, and other iconic landmarks before making another stop, this time in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s oldest neighborhood. Here, you’ll enjoy a guided walking tour before having some free time to eat, shop, or simply wander the narrow medieval alleys, imagining the lives of countless generations of Stockholmers who have walked these streets.

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