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Tous gives a jewel for Mother's Day to all women who have given birth during Covid-19

These are atypical times for everyone, and especially for the more than 40 thousand women who have given birth in times of coronavirus in our country. Due to the pandemic, the arrival of their babies is being very different from what they had imagined, but they are already with their offspring in their arms or will be very soon. Everything will be fine.

To celebrate their first Mother’s Day on May 3, Tous wants to honor them by giving a jewel to all the women who have been mothers during the Covid-19 crisis in Spain .

Pregnant women who give birth between March 14, the beginning of confinement in Spain, and until next May 3, Mother’s Day, will receive a gift of the brand that they will keep forever as a very special memory.

For the promotional campaign they have made a beautiful video that has moved us with real mothers who have given birth in these days. It is very nice that the brand has a detail with mothers in these difficult times.

What to do to receive the gift

You have to enter their website and fill out a form with your data. The jewel will be subject to availability in store stock (20,867 units available in Spain) and you can pick it up until September 30, 2020.

It is not the only brand that has wanted to have a detail with recent moms. A few days ago we told you that Mayoral gives a maternity bag to newborns during the Covid-19 crisis

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