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Traditional and unique foods to try in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a buffet of typical foods that define the city and its inhabitants. Visitors should be open to trying as many of these flavors as possible, from sweet and savory fries to traditional Dutch fish and imported spicy dishes.

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Dutch cheese

Cheese lovers will marvel at the prevalence of kaas in Amsterdam. The Dutch pride themselves on their delicious cheeses, the most common of which are Gouda and Edam. The jong (young) variety is smooth and creamy, while the oud (old) is ripe and has a more intense flavor. It’s fair to say that all Amsterdam cafes offer some kind of kaas broodje (cheese on a bread roll), and a common happy hour snack is a plate of Dutch cheese bites served with mustard. Goat cheese is also popular and is often found in a tasty salad of mixed greens, nuts, and honey. Or buy handmade farmer’s cheese from a market stall in Amsterdam. Regardless of how you choose your cheese, make sure you don’t leave without trying this Dutch specialty. Cheese also makes a great gift for foodies.

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For visitors with a sweet tooth to Amsterdam, this sinful and unexpectedly rich Dutch cookie is a must. The stroopwafel (syrup waffle) is actually a thin sandwich of two buttery waffle layers glued together with a sticky sweet molasses. You will find them in supermarkets, small corner markets, souvenir shops (including those at the airport so you can take home a stash). For a special experience, have a warm stroopwafel made in front of your eyes at the open-air Albert Cuypmarkt. Your nose will be happy too!

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Pancakes y Poffertjes

Dutch pancakes, called pannekoeken , are similar in texture and flavor to French pancakes; they are thin and made with a buttery dough that is neither sweet nor salty. The most traditional way to serve the plate-sized dish is with Dutch syrup, which is strangely a little tart. Instead, you can choose to have hot cherries, ice cream, and whipped cream, or go for food-worthy toppings like bacon and cheese. At The Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam, you will find dozens of topping combinations for all tastes. They also offer poffertjes , which are much smaller puffed pancakes traditionally served with butter and powdered sugar. During the winter holidays, poffertjes stalls are found in popular squares throughout the city.

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Flemish fries

Don’t you dare call the tasty potatoes you’ll see in Amsterdam “French fries.” Here we refer to them as patat (pronounced “pah TAHT”) or Vlaamse frites (pronounced “FLAHM suh freets”). The latter means ‘Flemish fries’, a nod to the Dutch-speaking northern part of Belgium, where these favorite snacks come from. Here the most common condiment for dipping them is not ketchup, it is mayonnaise. Give it a try: Mayonnaise is sweeter and creamier than most American types. If you visit possibly the most popular French fry stand in Amsterdam, Vleminckx Sausmeesters (Voetboogstraat 31, near the Kalverstraat shopping street), you can choose from many different sauces, such as curry sauce and peanut sauce.

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