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Twin Peaks of San Francisco: The Complete Guide

They are one of San Francisco’s best-known natural landmarks: two towering “twin” peaks towering over the city, providing spectacular views that stretch across the bay and into the southern Santa Clara Valley. But there is much more to Twin Peaks than meets the eye. Here’s your guide to discovering all there is to know about these two prominent hills and their surroundings.

Spanish settlers to the region originally called Twin Peaks Los Pechos de la Choca, or “Maiden’s Peaks,” a descriptive name for its two adjacent peaks, each 922 feet high and standing 660 feet apart, just exceeded in height at 928 in the city. foot tall Mount Davidson. They are located near the geographic center of San Francisco and offer panoramic views of the city. For most people, a visit to “Twin Peaks” refers to its northern peak, “Eureka,” home to the Christmas Tree Point overlook, which offers 180-degree views of some of SF’s most iconic attractions, including Alcatraz. , the Golden Gate Bridge, and the San Francisco Bay.

The southern peak is known as “Noe.”

What to see and do

Twin Peaks is a stop along San Francisco’s Scenic 49-Mile Drive, beginning and ending at San Francisco City Hall, though most visitors arrive here on their own. Once here, there are several nature trails, including one that will take you to 360-degree views – Creeks to Peaks hike is a 1.8-mile (one-way) moderate to strenuous hike that connects Glen Canyon Park’s Islais Creek with the south with the twin peaks and traversing rugged red outcrops and windswept grasslands. For more urban exploration, the climb from Twin Peaks Boulevard on Portola Drive to Twin Peaks’ Christmas Tree Point is approximately 0.9 miles.

One of the best hikes in the area is the Mount Sutro Clarendon Loop, a moderate five-mile hike that begins at Mt. Sutro’s Stanyan Trail and 17th streets, plus attractions in the Rutland area in central Massachusetts.

It’s the other red meat… Bison is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein than beef, pork, or chicken. And, at Alta Vista Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts, not only can you buy buffalo roasts, ribs, steaks, hamburgers and, believe it or not, hot dogs, you get an up-close look at these nearly extinct beasts.

Commonly called buffalo, but more precisely known as the American Bison, these creatures once numbered in the millions, but they were killed in large numbers during the westward expansion of the United States as they were hunted for their skins and even for sport. By 1890, there were fewer than 1,000 bison left.

However, the bison population in the US has remarkably returned, in large part due to the efforts of ranchers and farmers, including some here in New England.

Alta Vista Farm began its transition from a dairy farm to a bison farm in the late 1960s. Eventually, the Mann family, owning the historic 1724 farm since 1951, sold their herd of meat to focus solely on the bison. . Its retail store began making a variety of bison cuts of meat and Native American and bison gifts available to the public in 1994. Call ahead, 508-886-4365, to inquire about the availability of hayrides to view the herd of your family or group. . The grazing giants can also be seen from the road.

Even better, visit the farm during the annual Bison Days weekend festival in September. The festival not only features tractor-drawn carriage rides that take you into the middle of the herd of bison (do you think a loaf of white bread is the magical ‘bait’ that makes the buffalo flock?), It also offers a chance from trying buffalo burgers and hot dogs, learning about Native American culture, and shopping for traditional crafts.

Don’t be shy to try the bison meat. Get the free cooking tips and recipe brochures at the farm, and you’ll have all the inspiration you need to try this healthy lean meat alternative.

If you’re going… Alta Vista Farm is located in Rutland, Massachusetts, the city that is in the geographic center of the state. It’s about an hour’s drive west of Boston. From Rutland Center, follow Route 56 South to Paxton for one mile. Turn left on Prescott Street, which becomes Hillside Road. You will see Alta Vista Farm approximately two miles on the right.

Alta Vista Farm Address: 80 Hillside Road, Rutland, Massachusetts 01543

If you’re planning a visit to Alta Vista Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts to see the herd of bison and buy buffalo meat, here are some nearby lodging options:

General Rufus Putnam House
344 Main Street, Rutland, 508-886-0200

Hartman’s Herb Farm Bed & Breakfast
1026 Old Dana Road, Barre, 978-355-2015

Jenkins Inn & Restaurant
7 West Street, Barre, 978-355-6444

Wholesome Hearth
100 Pleasant Street, Barre, 978-355-6543

Otras atracciones cercanas … Quabbin Reservoir , Rutland State Park , Hardwick Vineyard & Winery , Hartman’s Herb Farm .

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