NewsUrsula Karven: Petition against sexual harassment

Ursula Karven: Petition against sexual harassment

The actress campaigns against sexual harassment and violence in the world of work. Something has changed, but not nearly enough, she says.

Berlin – The actress Ursula Karven (56) is campaigning against sexual harassment in work life with an online petition. She presented this to Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) in Berlin on Thursday.

Karven writes: “For over 35 years I have been hearing harrowing stories of sexism, sexual harassment, abuse of power and physical and psychological violence against women.”

“That’s why I know that sexism is not an isolated incident, but takes place every day – in all social classes, in all industries, in all age structures. Worldwide.”


Karven calls on politicians to support a declaration by the International Labor Organization. Lambrecht, who is also the Federal Minister for Women, welcomed the actress’ initiative. It is a very important concern. Lambrecht referred to steps that had been taken: for example, unobserved photography (“upskirting”), stalking and sexual harassment, which is now a criminal offense. She also mentioned the general equal treatment law that has been in place for 15 years, which is important for the world of work.

Karven was impressed on Thursday, but also said: “It is not enough, it does not arrive.” dpa

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