NewsUSA: Supreme Court judge makes a fool of himself

USA: Supreme Court judge makes a fool of himself

The Supreme Court is dealing with Joe Biden’s planned compulsory vaccination and testing. A judge attracts ridicule and criticism through statements about the coronavirus.

Washington DC – The Supreme Court in the USA is currently advising on the corona vaccination requirement for companies planned by Joe Biden’s government. Employees of companies with more than 100 employees should be vaccinated. According to the plans of the Biden government, those who refuse must submit a negative test once a week. The step is a reaction to the rapidly increasing number of infections due to the Omikron variant. There are currently around 730,000 new infections and 1,800 deaths per day.

Resistance is forming against the initiative of the Biden government to compulsory corona vaccination. The Republican-dominated states in particular speak out against it. Through her initiative, the Supreme Court dealt with the compulsory vaccination and test on Friday (January 7th, 2021).

USA: Supreme Court judge spreads false information about corona and flu

At the hearing at the US Supreme Court, the judge Neil Gorsuch, who was nominated by Donald Trump in 2017 and is considered a mask refuser according to the US news portal Raw Story, was particularly noticeable. When US Attorney Elizabeth Prelogar said the coronavirus was terrible, Gorsuch laughed, according to Economist reporter Steven Mazie.

Surname Neil McGill Gorsuch
birth date 29th August 1967 (age 54)
government office Supreme Court judge
Nominated by Donald Trump
In office since April 10, 2017

Gorsuch then compared the corona pandemic with annual flu waves and made false claims. “The flu kills hundreds of thousands of people every year,” the conservative judge claimed. However, the numbers are wrong: While 836,603 people have died as a result of a corona infection in the USA since the beginning of the pandemic (as of January 8, 2022), the numbers for the flu are significantly lower. According to the US health authority CDC, between 12,000 and 52,000 people die each year as a result of the flu.

USA: Supreme Court judge faces headwinds after making false claims

The false allegations made by Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch generated sharp criticism on social media. “Stop taking your medical stats from Fox News,” wrote journalist Elie Mystal of the progressive weekly The Nation, adding a link to CDC data on US flu outbreaks. “I’m surprised that Gorsuch is spreading his ignorance so much,” tweeted journalist Aaron Rupar. The Democrat Kaivan Shroff was against Neil Gorsuch to throw misinformation into the debate about compulsory vaccination.

Alexandra Phelan, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology at Georgetown University, compared the numbers in the United States with WHO estimates of the global number of flu deaths, which is between 290,000 and 600,000 per year. “Gorsuch is either wrong 10 times or confused the United States with the world,” tweeted Phelan. Both are possible. (Max Schäfer)

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