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Visit Britain's largest shopping center in Westfield London

Spanning over 43 acres, spanning nine postcodes, Westfield London Shopping Center in the Shepherd’s Bush / White City area is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, arguably the largest indoor shopping center in London.

Westfield London has 360 stores, from high-end stores like Louis Vuitton and Armani to edgy boutiques and regular mall favorites like Gap and Sunglass Hut. There are 60 places to eat and drink, a movie theater, a bowling alley, a casino and Kidzania, a giant city for children for the “educational entertainment” of children.

Some would definitely say that this parcel of land has been restored to its former glory reinforcing an area of London that had collapsed. The construction of this important commercial center rejuvenated the local area through the improvement and expansion of a key transportation hub.

Location history

At the exact site where the 1908 London Olympics were played, as well as at the Franco-British Exposition, the largest fair London had organized, the weather had not been kind. Over the years, the ground stadium and stately corridors were repurposed as a rail depot that fell into ruin in this section of West London.

Then, 100 years later, in 2008, the Westfield Group swooped in to open this gigantic $ 2.2 billion shopping emporium.

Shopping destination

For tourists visiting a city with shopping in mind, then Westfield London is their one-stop shop.

You can find haute couture among The Village’s 35 boutiques such as Prada, Burberry, and Tiffany & Co. The luxury shopping experience doesn’t stop at clothing. The Bentley Studio and Tesla Store allow you to experience your cars in the showroom and for a test drive.

Fashion shopping in London doesn’t have to break the bank and doesn’t start and end in The Village. There are more than 300 stores, catering to many types of lifestyles and trends, from H&M to the European fashion chain, Lindex. To visit London’s best womenswear stores, visit stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Most of the specialty stores you’d expect to find in US malls also have a home in Westfield London: Coach, Nike, Apple Store, MAC, Lush, and Lululemon.


In a week, it is not unusual for the Vue Westfield London cinema to present 30 titles. The Vue Westfield has 17 screens, mainly showing mainstream movies. Seven of the screens are 3D-enabled, while there are three screens of luxury scenes, which equates to more expensive tickets for luxury seats. There are two VueXtreme displays that are IMAX-style displays.


Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City, Britain’s largest casino, is open every day, all day, except Christmas Day. The casino is a 65,000-square-foot complex featuring 40 roulette and blackjack tables, 90 arcade terminals, and a 150-seat poker room. So you never leave, there is a “fast casual” restaurant and two bars, one of which is next to a huge screen with betting facilities and 150 slot machines, constantly flashing and ringing.

For the kids

KidZania is the UK’s first educational entertainment experience where children aged 4-14 can learn real-life skills in a custom-built 75,000-square-foot kid’s world. There are 24 KidZania centers around the world with the first two open in the United States in Chicago and Dallas for winter 2018.

While shopping, your child can work on a car assembly line, move furniture, or put out a fake fire with real water. When doing work, your child is paid a salary in “kidzos,” a currency that can be used in branches around the world, or deposited with the central bank and accessed with a realistic-looking debit card. Children can pass their kidzos to go to the indoor climbing structure or the mini-town department store, which is stocked with covetable trinkets.

The Westfield name

Westfield London is one of two Westfield shopping centers in London, the other is located in Stratford City. Westfield Corporation is no stranger to the US, it owns and operates 32 shopping malls in the US in 8 states, including a mall in the rebuilt World Trade Center in New York City.

Westfield Gift Card

A Westfield Gift Card is an easy-to-use gift that can be used at hundreds of Maestro-accepting stores in Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City shopping centers. Retailers process Westfield gift cards in exactly the same way as any other credit or debit card. Westfield gift cards are available at Westfield Concierge counters and online.

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