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Waxy O'Conner's London

Waxy O’Connor’s is the largest Irish bar in London. It is close to Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown, very central.

No, small

From the outside you may think it is just a small cafe or bar, but my gosh this place needs to be seen to be believed. Come in since it’s huge! Never suggest to your friends that you will find them at Waxy O’Connor’s bar, as you will have to decide in advance which bar to be inside. This place is really cavernous and it even has a huge tree trunk running down the middle!

And once you’re all in and seated, be sure to make your way back when you go to find the toilets.

Six levels

Waxy O’Connor has six levels and four unique bars. This place is a maze with a labyrinth of stairs and passages. Because it is not a large room, it can still feel cozy, especially with low ceilings on some levels.

Waxy’s is truly a special place to sink a few pints of Guinness, and the food is good too.

Music and sport

As you would expect from an Irish bar, music is important at Waxy O’Conner’s and there are live bands many nights of the week. At other times, there are songs from the 90s that keep the crowd happy.

This is also an official London Rugby pub so they can show the matches and also offer match tickets and have London Irish events and special promotions.

There’s a laid-back vibe here that makes it a popular bar with locals and visitors alike. It is certainly a pub with character.

Harry Potter Church?

The interior is reminiscent of the wood carvings in a Catholic church with pulpits overlooking the lower bar, stained glass windows, church pews, and rustic wooden seating. The hidden nooks and crannies are reminiscent of something you’ve seen in the Harry Potter movies, like the secret of Diagon Alley. But there is nothing sinister here, as it is a very fun and quirky place to have a drink with friends.

To add to the ‘decor like no other’ there is also a beech tree inside the pub that many do not initially see as there is so much to do here.

Address: 14-16 Rupert Street, Leicester Square, London W1D 6DD

Note: There are two entrances: one on Rupert Street and the other on Wardour Street.

Nearest metro stations:

  • circo Piccadilly
  • Plaza Leicester

Closest bus routes: Bus routes: 14,19 and 38 stop nearby and are very frequent.

Official Website:

Waxy’s little sister

If you prefer a quieter place, just opposite is the Little Sister of Waxy.

Address: 20 Wardour Streer, London W1D 6QG

If you’re looking for more pints of Guinness in the right atmosphere, there are plenty of Irish pubs in London.

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