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What car to buy if you have won the lottery?

Gone is the Christmas Lottery and its long-awaited Gordo. The one of the past 2019 was the earliest and the lucky owners of a tenth with the number 26590 pocketed 400,000 euros (less taxes). Some of them would not have even picked up their luck when they were already talking about the Lottery of the Child . It is the second chance that good fortune offers us in Spain. In addition, it allows us to continue dreaming about which motor vehicles we would buy ourselves if we were to get a pinch. It has not been like that but we want to help you spend your money, which is always easier.

The first prize of the El Niño Lottery totals two million euros per series, so for one tenth you will have won 200,000 euros (less taxes). The second is 75,000 euros to the tenth and, the third, 25,000 euros . If you have succeeded with the previous and subsequent number you will have 1,200 euros, which is always good to fix any detail of your machine. Cars, motorcycles, scooters or shared mobility services … for color tastes, so we leave you some options.

First prize

The Treasury will make its appearance as soon as you go to collect your Gordo de la Lotería del Niño so the final result in your account will be more than 168,000 euros. With this money and prioritizing coherence, passion and family (if that’s the case) you could get yourself an Audi RS6. This high-flying saloon was presented at the end of 2019 and has a 4.0-liter V8 engine that yields no more and no less than 600 hp.

This beast of engineering is not only a familiar with a circuit soul, it also performs perfectly in both cases. Hence, it becomes a purchase (somewhat foolish but coherent) of more than 138,000 euros . That’s the base price for the access model, which easily shoots up as soon as you start adding the typical extras of premium brands. That plus insurance and maintenance, you would quickly end up with the prize money.

Second prize

The second prize of the Lotería del Niño and after going through the state box, it remains at 68,000 euros for your pocket. Many of us dream of spending part of that money on a motor vehicle and many others traveling the world, but what if you could do it at the same time? The camper segment allows just that, traveling on four wheels and with the house in tow. The successful top-of-the-range Volkswagen California with a kitchen, fridge, water and a bed on the roof (called Ocean) starts at 67,300 euros .

With the 204 CV block it ends up being somewhat adjusted in price but you can opt for a smaller and equally efficient block. If you decide on the 150 hp engine, DSG automatic transmission and 4MOTION traction, you can buy it from 57,400 euros , ready for some extra or option.

Third award

The third and last prize of the Lottery of the Child (of the most sweet tooth) is satisfied with 25,000 euros. Thanks to the new legislation you will not pay a penny to the Treasury. As of January 2020, it will be taxed only from the first 40,000 euros. Many bikers dream of owning the R of their dreams but the prices are unattainable for the vast majority. With 25,000 euros in your pocket things change and we can access extreme and brutally sporty models like the BMW S 1000 RR . The great variety in this segment is perfect for you to find the motorcycle you want so much and its rivals are as attractive as it. Rather tell the proud owners of a Ducati Panigale V4 . Of course, to keep the Italian beauty in the garage you will have to contribute some of your savings since its starting price is around 26,000 euros .

As I said at the beginning, it is easy to spend other people’s money. These are just a few examples but the motorized world is full of possibilities of higher or lower cost. For the smallest prizes, it will be necessary to look for ECO alternatives such as electric scooters and even some shared mobility service. Moving we can always move!

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