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What do mini pigs eat? How is your diet? We tell you – Type of diet

In the world there are up to fourteen breeds of these animals, the product of crossing several varieties of smaller pigs. We must bear in mind that mini pigs are very different animals from the pets that we are used to and that is why they have unique care, a series of special guidelines and considerations different from other pets: they are not a dog nor are they a cat. It is an animal with its own traits, needs and character and if you decide to have one, you must inform yourself well about them and not decide to have one out of sheer impulsiveness.

Its classification depends on many factors: adult size, physical traits, country of origin … It is very important to bear in mind that a specific size and weight cannot certainly be estimated in this type of pig, since each specimen and each breed adopts a size and a particular weight, but, what is taken for sure, is that they are not as small as the typical so adorable that we usually see in videos and photos. So “mini”, exactly “mini”, they are not so throughout life, only in a phase of this.

Not having a true breed standard it is difficult to accurately pattern their size based on their class. In any case, a pig is considered a mini pig when, in its adult phase, it has not exceeded 65 kg in weight (taking into account that a common pig can exceed 200 kg). The animal that is usually acquired is usually a pig whose development phase has not concluded and, logically, will increase its size considerably. Therefore, their diet is not the same as that of other domestic animals to which we are accustomed.

These animals must have a very controlled and measured diet since one of their great problems, which can lead to more diseases in the future, is the propensity to gain weight, since their way of eating is very impulsive and they are almost impossible to satisfy. . For this reason, you have to get used to certain foods and very marked eating patterns. Like all species, the diet will depend a lot on its age, sex and physical activity but, whatever it may be, it is necessary to provide a weighted diet that adapts to the animal.

Next, we will tell you what their diet is like and what considerations should be taken in their diet.

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