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What does our friend the cat do to entertain himself?

Cats know how to entertain themselves. Of course they like to play with us but they “cook it and eat it” themselves when we cannot intervene. They do not have to be kittens, adult felines also know how to create entertainment and have a blast alone, and we see them jumping and running around the house senseless. Be careful with the furniture!

Many animals play a “solitary game”. Especially the “only children” kittens use this type of game a lot from eight weeks of age.

If they choose a live victim, their game will have to be redirected

There are several types of solo play that cats enjoy:

· The mouse. Your animal will jump over a moving object such as a ball, a battery-powered cat toy, products that hold their claws from their front legs while they perform surprising cartwheels and other turns typical of the best gymnast. Another calmer way of this type of game is to slap the object, a version for the laziest.

· The bird. The “instructions” of this game are to catch toys or objects that jump or are suspended from somewhere and put them in the mouth … This entertainment is usually done with feather dusters, rods or perches for felines. The animal tries to catch the product at all costs, no matter how difficult the action. A more technological and modern version of this game will be to chase, wherever you go, a laser pointer.

· Rabbit. In this fun time they ambush other objects, moving or not, their humans and other animals in the house that they will have as victims. The objective of this game is to catch its prey through an effective bite to immobilize it. The downside of this entertainment is that in most cases it will cause fights with the furry victim or reasonable anger from the human. It can pose a danger if you target a small mammal or bird that also lives with you and is running around the house at the moment. Avoid contact between the two at all costs and redirect the game to another, calmer action.

· Ghost. In this type of entertainment that they perform alone, they not only focus their activity on live victims or real products, they can also do so on imaginary objects. We explain ourselves, it is not that our animal has gone crazy or has an attack of transitory alienation, which is what the owners can think when we see them act. Seeing our animal run after anything or jump on it is not known what is going to confuse us at least. The week-old kittens are the ones that most show these attacks of madness, especially at dusk or when night falls.

One of the behaviors of the domestic feline is that throughout its life it continues to maintain the playful nature of the young. For this reason, regardless of their age, they continue to entertain themselves and develop characteristic patterns of feline puppies.

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