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What if my dog becomes obsessed with the ball? – Ball addiction

Of all toys, the dog’s favorite is almost always the ball . Our furry friends could spend hours and hours running after it, nibbling on it or putting it in your hand to be thrown again and again. There is nothing more fun for them! Therefore, any object that rolls on the ground or through the air seems interesting to them and they want to put it in their mouth.

Although there is nothing wrong with providing your dog with moments of play (quite the opposite since it helps them discharge energy), it is necessary to control that they do not obsess over the ball, as it could trigger unwanted behaviors. A dog obsessed with the game or with the ball could become aggressive or develop anxiety. In these cases, it will be better to remove the toy for a while so that its character can be balanced again.

You will know that your dog is obsessed with the ball because, among other things, he will be constantly on top of you for you to play with him and he will not stand still even at night. In addition, he will whine and cry for you to throw the ball to him even if he has already walked previously. Although we may feel sorry, it is better not to continue encouraging this behavior that could affect your physical and mental health. During that period in which the furry is without his favorite toy, it is necessary for him to develop physical activity and also have mental stimulation. Interactive toys are a good idea, especially if you spend a lot of time alone at home. Your dog will be entertained for hours!

How do I keep him from getting obsessed with the ball?

It is very common for a dog to become obsessed with a toy, so it is necessary for him to learn basic obedience commands beforehand. Once he is able to sit up, stay still, or return objects, he is ready to play ball. In addition, before starting the game you should ask him to sit down and wait, and only if he complies properly will you throw the ball to him. In this way, you will be ensuring that your dog remains balanced and that he knows how to enjoy an activity that makes him happy. If you want to know more about the dog’s obsession with the ball, take a look at the gallery below.

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