FunWhat is a trophic cascade?

What is a trophic cascade?

This is how we know the series of indirect and amplified effects exerted by animals at the top of the food chain on organisms at the lower levels. Until a few years ago it was thought that large predators did not affect biodiversity too much due to their small numbers.

Today, however, we know that they not only produce changes in the behavior of their prey, but also decisively influence smaller predators. This, in turn, increases the number of smaller herbivores , resulting in a decrease in plant biomass. Trophic waterfalls are especially well documented in aquatic ecosystems.

When hyenas lived in the Arctic

These animals crossed from Asia to America through the Bering Bridge during the Ice Age.

Can an alligator have feathers?

If alligators and crocodiles have the genes that allow them to form feathers, why aren't they feathered?

We were able to start breeding animals 2000 years earlier than previously thought

This is demonstrated by remains of charred manure that are 13,000 years old.

They discover that more than 50 animals that we thought were mute can speak

Acoustic communication plays a fundamental role in aspects such as partner attraction and a number of other behaviors. The finding takes us back to 407 million years ago.

Hairy snail found in 99-million-year-old chunk of amber

How come they had hair? Its utility? Scientists think that Mesozoic land snails probably benefited from their fine hairs. Would it make them more attractive?